tourism and activity holidays suitable Daday kastamonu here are all kinds of

Daday, approximately 30 kilometers away from the province of Kastamonu. Ilgaz mountains with the Globe. In a sense, our country 'oxygen tent' region of the so-called. It is a geography, tourism and activity holidays suitable to any kind is done here.

Daday is surrounded by pine-covered forests, three thousand five hundred inhabitants, a district of Kastamonu. Opened a facility in this district in December 2009. Elixir Resort Town name of the facility. Sema Potions Retired math teacher Aydin and his family, their dream life in his hometown, and here are opening sails to implement Daday Kastamonu. Sema says Aydin Elixir;
"I Dadaylıyım Kastamonu. I was born in Kastamonu. We visited various places of Anatolia due to my father's duty. Balikesir Faculty of Education degree. I taught math for 23 years. After the 1980s, settled in Istanbul. Daday, however, a very special one for us. Dreams of life, understanding the nature holidays, family coincided with the idea of ​​all of us. When we decided to build this facility Let us break from the idea that everyone wants to set off. Here, we want to calm resting, action and adrenaline wanting to move, who want to be with nature is intertwined with nature, local life, who spends his time in local life.
At the same time, to live with the art of wood, wood construction and wood-carving workshop chair Daday, started a small gift such as building workshops. Anyone living in a different experience, making your dream vacation. Here, natural products, food, wide range of activity possible to make dozens of trekking'e kayaking in nature. For example, Pond Laying come here by bicycle, there is fishing, bird watching is done, we organize barbecue parties. In addition, a professional nature, horseback rides and safaris is also provided. Thus, time spent with pleasure. Nature tours, as well as organize trips to historical and cultural values. Travel routes for the various activities in our region have created a close. Hotel guests, if they want or they are accompanied by local guides, tour route, we remain alone with nature. "hürriyet

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  1. I am right there even if I am at home, because you describe everything so vividly and the pics are doing their magic.thanks for showing us other magic places.

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