"Not to visit, to stay the city," the slogan prominent city

"Not to visit, to stay the city," the slogan prominent in recent years, the ordu began to attract retirees from big cities. 
Tourism, the city took action to move in a new Boztepe'sinde new terraces created, Tarlabaşı neighborhood is being restored historic mansion 11.
Betonlaşması large cities, the noise and stress environment of oxygen to stay a little bit away from the homeland of the ordu to reach the pearl of the Eastern Black Sea, the change of life makes time.

"Not to be passed, to stay the city" slogan spread, the increasing migration from major cities to retire. Lush green pastures, the deep blue sea and the unique culture of dining guests embracing the ordu never to return back to their attributes. Army joins the dots with the nature of culture, east of Samsun in the west of Giresun, in the south of Sivas and Tokat in the north, surrounded by the Black Sea. 18 county area of ​​6 thousand square kilometers of the province which, 65 municipalities, 508 have a village.

Army Akçaova, Ilica, Elekçi, Curi, Walnut, Akcay and Bolaman Rivers divided by deep valleys. Occurring in the region's most important agricultural product of the steep and broken hills, which makes the land suitable for nut.

SEE panoramic views Boztepe

The first main source of livelihood of local people are nuts. Province, produces 25 percent of the world hazelnut harvest. The heating of homes, food culture in all aspects of daily life until the nuts have an important place. Even the calendar determines the life of the people. Harvest begins in the second week of August. Collected from the garden, Ace, in the form of grains, nuts fives, ie "ÇOTANAK" and rid the green outer shell is sold to factories. Farmers are an important revenue comes from. Decorations, weddings are.
Hazelnut shells at the factories of the local people is winter burn. Pruning cut made at the beginning of winter in the gardens of the old branches, brings to a second heat source.
October May Çambaşı, Yeþilce-Topcam, Thursday, Keyfalan, Akkırık, Idler, Taşçukur, Keşalan, Akkus-Ardi, Dove, Ericek, Düzoba plateaus of Turkey's second long transhumance livestock creating a store of honey also comes to the fore.

The new cable car line was opened at the beginning of last summer Boztepe. 2350-meter line, reached a height of 450 meters from the new panoramic viewing points on the hill was created.

Huseyin Efendi 116 ANNUAL MANSION

According to the inventory of the municipality in the province in 2007, 143 issued on 52 Zaferimilli neighborhood of the house. Plain Neighborhood Tasbasi and watching it. 19th-century Greek, Armenian and Ottoman architecture Taşbaşı'nda dominated this year by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the restoration work. 11 Campbell Street, Violet Street and Sitki date to be returned home back to life.

One of the major hosts for the past, 625 square-foot structure built in 1896, Pasha, the son of Hüseyin Efendi. Ünye with stones, wood, brought from Romania. Istanbul has been masterly. Rich with stonemasonry building is now the Army Museum.

254 pieces of archaeological work in the Museum of Ethnography 1533 ethnographic pieces, coins, stamps and handwritten books are on display. Osman Pasha had built a fountain, the Old Market locality of historical artifacts that can be seen in the mosque of Haci Emiroğulları hammam period. Orthodox Christians in the church was built in 1853 semerdan-roofed 3-column cultural center today.


According to the Hittite tablets, the Army in the 17th century BC, land of Kaşkaların, dominated by the Hittites. After them, the region Phrygians, Cimmerians, directed by Roman and Byzantine. The city of Trabzon in 1207-1461 the domain of state sovereignty. But Hadji Emiroğulları'nın Danişmendoğlu and attack weakened state of Trabzon. Organization of the army in the form of the Turks into the region in the principality of pilgrims Emiroglu name the capitals of issuing led the Army. After a period of the Ottoman Empire joined the pilgrims Emiroglu Principality. Regulating the time of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461 the region, Trabzon State eliminated. Army until 1920, it was an accident due to Trabzon. 4 April 1921, gained provincial status.


· Çatalpınar'daki lakes village castle, tour the borough Çaybaşı trail, Meadow Mosque, Fountain Grass, door Falls, clover hill worth visiting. · Fatsa'daki jangle rock tombs, according to the Monastery of the Anatolian history while visiting the ancient cities of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, you'll notice is not merely one more time. Ivy Hot Springs healing center of the district. 80 acres wide and 15 meters deep, a natural wonder of Lake of the beak. · Town of Bolaban located on the inside of the castle's 18th-century double-balconied wooden mansion was transformed into a restaurant with local delicacies. · Ulugöl Gölköy 17 kilometers, 26.5-hectare park is a nature area. · Hornbeam Hill tombs you will journey to date. · Perşembe'deki Yason Cape, the most beautiful place you can watch the sunset. Yason Church in 1868, are worth seeing. · Geographically and culturally accepted beginning of the Eastern Black Sea Unye, Yunus Emre and other natural wonders of the eternal residence.

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