Canyon valley type, vegetation, hidden treasures of the churches and chapels with the Ihlara

Canyon valley type, vegetation, churches and chapels with the nature, history, human and cultural phenomenon meets the Ihlara Valley, continues to work for the recording of hidden treasures.

Tectonic uplift and then collapse püskürmesinin Hasandağı volcano thousands of years of stream erosion suffered as a result of the proceeding on the current state of Melendiz the Ihlara Valley, the natural beauty of Cappadocia is the most important.

Advancing 18 kilometers along the valley by drawing close to 30 Melendiz stream meander, the splitting caused by a deep and steep terrain and stunning majestic beauty, arouses your interest. Starting the valley town of Ilisu, Ihlara town, village Yaprakhisar Belisırma and then ends at Selime.
Nature, history meets the valley

Ihlara Valley 100-120 meters depth, like a wall around the steep cliffs end at the creek Melendiz a rich vegetation of trees and stands out peanuts. Nature, history of the churches in the valley where the first examples of a combination of MS 4. dates back to centuries.

Steep slopes carved tuff easy to carve numerous monasteries, churches, temples, caves and secluded places-residential building which is an ideal place of refuge for Christians in the first frescoed churches in Ihlara Valley, the land is very rarely in the nature of a treasure of history. 4. century onwards, and residential center, which has become an important monastic Ihlara Valley, which reflects the period of art is housed within many churches.
11 records in the Ihlara Valley century, more than 100 churches, 16 monasteries, where many religious education centers and tens of thousands of people are actually living in more than 1500 settlements. These units are connected through tunnels carved into the rocks, planets-boggling.

The stairs descending into the valley of Ihlara order of hundreds of town visitors on a large portion of this region gezemeden leaving the entire space. Not too much to visit the valley of steep cliffs and connects them to the settlements and parts of the rock-hewn passages are still being identified and studies initiated to be protected.habertürk

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