Turkey does not allow structures in the Paris of the high Atça'da

Atca Mayor Mustafa Cinar, of the towns founded during the Roman times had been regarded as one of the oldest settlements in history, he added.
Plane, the Greek occupation kurtulduğunda 5 September 1922, which is then burned and destroyed Atça'nın followed a different path when it came to specifying the reconstruction, provided the following information:''Town yaşanılmayacak had become, had to re-zoning. How do the leaders of that era Atça'yı canlandıracaklarını again and restore order to discuss a long time to bring the rest in Europe and in France, training in the field of city planning Mr. Abdi, municipalities, working as a science officer with the help of Hafiz Bey, was in love with France Square, after the example of the famous streets of Paris, the capital of the junction Şanzelize Atça'yı decided to reconstruction.''

8 street, uniting in the same place

Plane, so that the zoning plan of Paris, applied Atça'da saving,''Paris Şanzelize Square 12 street connecting the Police Station for Atça'da Street, Independence Avenue, Abdi Bey Street, Nazilli Street, Poplars Avenue, Street Journal, Ataturk Avenue to Western Avenue and the 8 main street in the middle of the borough will Atca Park as planned. Atca town were built in this way again. Now when you look from above you can see it very clearly. Zoning plan, which is due to the Paris of Turkey are proud beldemizle''he said.

High construction had been passed in front of the Municipal Assembly of the towns in the decision Atca Cinar said,''In a time when our commitment in this area continues. Atça'nın texture, charm, green image of the bozmuyoruz. Our town, high structuring the decision of the municipal council are not allowed to sample resort in Turkey,''he said.

Strawberry and the chestnut is known as

Recognition of the richness of the product except that imarının Atça'nın Cinar, said:
''Atca strawberry, watermelon, water chestnuts, and the famous. Strawberries are grown in our region and the world's best quality is exported. Integrated chestnut processing plants that process the chestnuts in their regions for the operators producing region of Bursa urchins. Production facility in our region, chestnuts have only 2 units.''

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  1. Anonymous2/2/15

    This is NOT Atca! This is Palmanova (Italy)!!!
    Do NOT trust what they show here.

  2. Anonymous2/2/15

    In fact Atca has "8 street uniting in the same place". But the city in the picture has only 7 streets uniting in the central plaza. Thus, the city in the picture is Palmanova (much much prettier than Agca) and not Agca!

    You'd better control what you publish!


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