The cradle of great civilizations thousands of years of history of Gaziantep

The cradle of great civilizations thousands of years of history in Gaziantep, which have been accelerated in recent years won great importance to history and culture tourism investments. Domestic and foreign tourists have visited more than 1 million in Gaziantep, the shore of the Euphrates River to visit the ancient city of Zeugma, opening history and natural beauty and history of the world's first written work of restoration in the host Rumkale the ancient city of Carchemish excavations, with the completion of the agreement is expected to draw 5 million tourists a year.
Special Provincial Administration of the Secretary-General Jaafar Yilmaz, education and cultural tourism in the year 2012 to implement projects launched by year said it would be passed. The views expressed collect the fruits of tourism projects,''has exceeded 1 million tourists from Gaziantep. 2023 goal of 5 million tourists. Achieving this goal the opening of visiting the ancient city of Zeugma, Rumkale, Karkamış'taki excavations will be a great contribution,''he said.

Investments in tourism this year, someone will be highlighted, at the side of the Euphrates River town of Nizip Zeuma Antique City is open to visitors that Yilmaz, Monuments High Council within the scope of the projects in the city of the ancient landscape work, recreation areas, walking paths, lighting, parking, turnstiles, cafeteria , said they will dig house and pier.

Yilmaz,''project will cost 1 million pounds. Tender at the moment. Entering the work will begin at the beginning of the spring and summer, Gypsy Kız'ın birthplace, where the historical location of the mosaics will open for tourists to visit. Excavation continues there. Tourists are able to see the excavation site,''he said.

'We will shoot more tourists'

Other objectives of Gaziantep Castle is open to visitors who expressed an Jafar Yilmaz, who is 2 years of restoration is complete, the castle was made on the walking paths, and also shut down the top of the mosque here, said bath. Yilmaz, said:''has instructed the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in 2012 we will open the castle to tourism. Panorama of the Museum of Heroic Defense and by the stairs in the castle, the castle will provide on the output. His project, we have contacts, I have a source. Işıklandıracağız top of the castle, as well as cafeteria will open that will not affect the rate structure. Beautiful in the spring with a concert over the castle is now open to tourism.''

Transportation, tourism in terms of the importance of Yilmaz, 24-kilometer path Yesemek expanding tourism in the coming days would be opened and brought into a way to secure a comfortable, 34-kilometer road Rumkale tourism Development Agency would present their projects to complete the work, funds have been requested from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

Rumkale to a total of 6 million pounds this year will be completing the path of tourism that Yilmaz, finished by saying:''Rumkale even gets animated in 2012. There are restored houses. Restoration of the church and a mosque, a walking path, running out of the east-west axis. Cafes and boutique hotels will be. Rumkale, Halfeti and tourist trips organized with sand vapurumuzun of Zeugma are doing currently redecorating. Istanbul Bosphorus Tour by purchasing the double-decker boat for a trip to the big getirteceğiz. Road work will add momentum here, will increase the charm. Private sector investment will flow. So we will shoot more tourists.''

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