Kartepe, a riot of colors of autumn, visitors are fascinated

Referred to as Industrial Capital of Turkey's richest in terms of natural beauty, the town of Kocaeli Kartepe, a riot of colors of autumn, visitors spellbound.

60 percent of the forest land structure in the center of winter tourism in the district of Kartepe Samanli the unique beauty of mountains and plateaus of the region, embodies the pine, beech and lime trees in all seasons due to take on a different color.

Winter and water sports, paragliding, where activities such as hiking Kartepe, canyons, waterfalls and nature lovers dereleriyle giving unforgettable moments.
Beauty, wrapped in a rainbow of colors consisting of separate Kartepe the advent of autumn, take pictures of the surrounding cities, and especially those who come to visit is plenty of material. cumhuriyet

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