Full-time to go to Lake Cildir. Because the water is frozen

Full-time to go to Lake Cildir. Because the water is frozen, a thick layer of ice covered with a glass-like. Over snow-örtülmedi yet. Possible to see even half a meter at the bottom of the ice water. 
This is scary and amazing to work as well. Because, you are walking, your feet thick at the bottom of the ice cracking, scares you, adrenaline causes yüklenmenize. Because the lake has a voice. From the depths, a sound of thunder. I could not find the words to tell how many times I listen to that voice though.
Cildir said location, the map is not too far away may seem. Distance of 81 kilometers by road from the center of Kars. One and a half hours by plane from Istanbul to Kars, a further hour by minibus from there. Hepi ball, two and a half, three hours away. Almost on a rainy day, the European Side Asian Side of the city until the transition period.

Çıldır I went a few times. Go there, walking on the frozen lake, I became a passion. Each time I came across the same images. That cold, the lake water as if the images are also donduruyordu. The road from Kars to the lake is like glass afraid. Drivers here are familiar with these terms. And they go slow and cautious.

GEESE and foxes

When Kars, flowing in the window of the image, you will see several empty. Snow-covered plains and mountains that would extend the window, and then steamed. Once in a while, the black market, leading to animal herds of sheep herders enter the image. You will be surprised wilderness pass by the villages. But chimneys, white and white eye kept going to escape. Sometimes it is off the road, much downloaded beresini ears, on the weft beresinin plagues, removed his overcoat collar solo travelers will also see we wait. You're going Çıldır. Or where they? Perhaps Ardahan, Arpaçay'a, Susuz'a ... Because it will read the names of the road signboards.

The right side of the driver to show a little later, "Armenia at that side," to say. Looking at the mountains you will see white. No voice be heard around the sky, birds flying directly to surprise you. After a period of time in front of you will escape a fox, two rabbits bouncing bouncing it will fade away. Wife and children, is looking with them screaming.
Then you will see a large village. Geese, among piles of dung to like about the knock-kneed knock-kneed koşturmaları. The driver is very important in this region, you dig, the excavation of each house there are one or two, enough of them to cut yağlandığında, tuzlanacağını, kurutulacağını, then a tandoor, oil drops drops pişirileceğini tell bulgur pilaf. Heard them mouth watered.
At the top, under the hope of profits 40-50 black sheep find grass attract your attention. Does he think the empty head of the herd. Or when one of the wolf! .. Kurt is afraid of dogs? Foxes do not attack sheep? ... Asked the city not the end of your mind, your mind uçuşacak here.


You search for answers to these questions, all of a sudden you will encounter Wild Lake. The brilliantly shining like a mirror, take your eyes off the image. Minibus village square, you will download. Then you, nervous steps, then walk to the lake. When the first step in icy lake, just like me korkacaksınız. But that will be on your arm a peasant, "Fear not, no not broken the ice so far ..." I encourage you. Then from the bottom of the lake, you will hear a sound like rumble. The mouth of an empty bottle üfleyince benzetecekseniz this sound to the sound. Ürpereceksiniz. Sound of a closer, a move away from. The fishermen, that, to say that the sound of air trapped under the ice. Other more interesting things to tell a fisherman: "This is the sound, listen to when I need to keep the lake ice. Taurus böğürüyor they think. Especially at night! .. Sounds more garipleşir, someone shouted from under the lake, you will hear ... "Just as we need to come to hear of you spend Çıldır.
Chilled water in the FISH

It is very difficult to walk on the ice. You can fall at any time lost. Therefore, I suggest you walk over thin snow cover. Lowering of the sun on the ice blue, bruise, eflatunlu lights, you will offer a magical image. Towards the middle of the lake, deldikleri ice fishermen who encounter the network. I'm stuck his hands are bare, "Does your hands are not cold," he'll ask. "We are all familiar," say. From the network before the large, gold stamps will be a fish. Fishermen rescued the fish from the network, fırlatacak away from the hole. Fish jump for dear life on the ice. Each zıplayışında place a drop of blood will fall. White on red blood drops, perhaps a little upset you. After a bit more of a yellow fish will come. Then two carp. Fishermen leave the network back into the lake, 100 meters away, the network will go to the other end. At that time, open your bag, that you receive from Kars to the Georgian konyağını off, will begin to sip. Icy lake, lake, sound, network, and fish that the fishermen half-frozen hands, away from the snowy mountains, the silence ... Will be taken to admire.
After a few yellow fish bought from fishermen, the lake shore you will keep the path of a makeshift restaurant. The restaurateur, clean fish, barbecue on the dizecek. Disrupt the silence of the crackling noises. To suppress the smell of the fish smell snow. The waiter will a bottle of raki children buried under the snow in full at that time.
"Come on, guys ... the fish is ready to say," ızgaracı boss. After the first bite of such delicious fish yemediğinizi think of any place. This meal will be an unforgettable feast for you. Snow on top of the fish next to the table with honey. Bastıracaksınız dinner with him. On the return trip, this journey will feel left palate with flavor. Van's window, staring at the colorful boyadığını lake you will see the setting sun. / _np/2126/15212126.jpg
At that time, you'll fall in love with Çıldır.

Taste tour of Kars

Walking through the streets of Kars, cheese sellers will catch your attention most in a row. Shop windows, decorated with a huge truck wheel reminiscent of Kars Gruyere. If you get, the shop owner, will serve you for a sizeable slice cut and taste. The track before the smell, then taste. This is the real Gruyere cheese made with calf şirdeninden from yeast. He dinlendirilmiştir big wheels at least a year. After the Kars Gruyere kaşarının, Cecil, leather overall, the taste of the cheese can also see printed. I suggest you get enough to carry this cheese, because you will not find anywhere else.
Goose kebab is the national dish of Kars. Slaughtered animal is salted and dried. Flesh softens, oil penetrates into. Dried in a nice boiled goose before. Stuffing, close, oily water, wheat is thrown. Then the stone in the oven tray, is placed away from the fire. One-two hours after eating this wonderful food is very tasty.
Confined to the goose that kebab cuisine is misled if you think of Kars. For example, Piti (Bozbaş) is called, the root of Iran, based on the unforgettable tastes in food leaves your palate. Lamb, saffron, chickpeas, green pepper, lard are prepared with food, naan bread is eaten is poured on top. Vermicelli pilaf can be sure will take a mind-blowing. On top, roasted onions in oil with garlic yogurt eaten döklüp Hangel cracking the palate rank. Sizing Kars, you should not neglect to eat. Fine splitting, into the slurry until it is cooked. Then, on a plate taken by a wide, open, and this is like the middle of the pool is filled with melted butter. Sarsaklı around the pool in the yogurt into the salad.

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