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Laodicea is the second largest ancient city in Anatolia, Phrygians established by a significant

Excavation Laodicea Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Celal Simsek, after the ancient city of Ephesus ancient city in Anatolia, which is the second largest Laodikya largest and most important, was founded by the Phrygians of Anatolia has been identified said the regional tribes.

Simsek told reporters, the ancient city of Laodicea excavations so far, contrary to popular belief stated that determine whether a city was founded by Greek civilization.

Is the name of the organization and the name of the city'' before'' Rhoas Diospolis'' after'' 3 BC middle of the century the Seleucid King II. By Antiochus and his wife, Laodice has changed by giving the'' known as'' Laodicea about the Lightning,'' Last of the largest and most important findings and the second largest ancient city in Anatolia Laodikya Anatolia, founded by local tribes found that the Phrygians 've. Located within the boundaries of the region of Phrygia which in ancient times as the Phrygians and their density became clear that the city,'' he said.

Lightning, the western cemetery of the ancient city, the ongoing excavations of the Early Copper Age ceramics dating back to the Early Bronze Age pithos graves uncovered, Asopos Hill 3 thousand 500 years before Christ from the excavations of the settlement mound saving has been identified, all of these findings, the Phrygian city shows that a typical Anatolian city of civilization, he said.

Archaeological park to be established

The ancient city of Laodicea excavations and restoration work goes on throughout the year beginning in 2008 and known for thousands of years in many excavations uncovered the data are removed and that the work Simsek, the projects to be exhibited symptoms that were uncovered in the city, he said.

Prof. Dr. Lightning In this context, a combination of excavation and restoration work is being carried out in the city, who announced that they aim to build'' a'' archaeological park. cumhuriyet

The ancient city of Assos, eat dead in a sarcophagus of 2 thousand 500 years old olive pits

Located in the ancient city of Assos Ayvacik boundaries of the district, serving as a sarcophagus in the'' dead'' eat olive pits found in the 2 thousand 500 years.

COMU (ÇOMÜ) Head of the Department of Archaeology and the ancient city of Assos Chairman of the Board, Prof. excavation. Dr. Nurettin Armstrong, in his statement, said that the olive tree, even today thousands of Assos region.

'' Would not be wrong to say that the case in ancient times,'' said Armstrong, gave the following information:

'' He comes from olives and olive oil at the beginning of the period of basic nutrients. Olive is one of the indispensable nutrients. Whether the olive press from time to time in Assos, we find stone tools used in the removal of oil. Necropolis (cemetery) excavations have identified a sarcophagus was put in the olive cores. In the past years it had found a grave fig. This 'dead food' and a tradition. Funeral ceremony is held at the beginning of the grave during his burial ceremony at that time, and the food, throwing him to the grave whatever gift or other life are to eat. Olive oil, olive pits found at Assos, there is concrete evidence of the ancient period.''

Arslan, that the nuclei of 2 thousand 500-year history, said,'' At the time, the city of olives and olive oil have been sent to other cities. Excavations in the coming years we can get more information on this issue,'' he said.

People collecting olives in a glass vase with a stick, another vase by the press, the oil bothers people voicing betimlendiğini Arslan,'' such as olive brine consumed today, but it is also used in plenty of olive oil. Maybe a little cheese, olive oil and ate well. Olives are not only eating and drinking, youth, athletes put their bodies under the sun idmanlarda they are also used as a protective sun cream,'' he said. cumhuriyet

Since 2009, excavations were carried out excavations at Myra ended Andriake

And in the district of Demre Myra Andriake excavations lasted about 6 months, 110 people took part in this year. 

excavations were carriedExcavation and restoration work, as well as the ancient city of Myra Andriake, Myra theater and chapel, Andriake granarium in front of the workshops, honorary monuments, B, excavations carried out in the hammam and the eastern church.

Myra Andriake Excavations Committee Chair. 

Dr. Agile MN, Eastern hammam four months as a result of excavations in the wall heating systems and other architectural details at the top of the temporary roof to protect the conservation seem muffled done, he said.

Monuments in honor of the restoration work will be completed within two months of expressing Agile, B, columns and topics that arise in the courtyard of the church tümlenerek to remove parts of the feet, he said.

In the theater with a great team lasted for six months as a result of continuous recording Agile excavated at a depth of seven meters of the stage building, the stage throughout the season about 4 thousand architectural building blocks and structural elements with the help of crane ropes, wherein said locations are located on the storage area. cumhuriyet

Statue of the mythological creature known as the excavations of the ancient city of Parion Kentarus found.

Kemer village in Biga town of Canakkale due to ongoing excavations of the ancient city of Parion, 8th season comes to an end of studies, known as Kentarus human above the waist, looking down at the statue of the mythological creature found.

Professor of Archaeology Department of Ataturk University in Erzurum. Dr. Cevat Basaran, held under the chairmanship of excavation work this year, six different regions of the ancient city, excavations are carried out. One of the most important buildings were being carried out excavations in the Roman Theatre, the stage building and intensified during this year's work, his arms broken, missing some parts of the body, a marble statue was unearthed.

Head of the excavation team. Dr. Basaran, according to initial assessments of the statue MS Other investigators belong to the 2nd century, the expression, "the section of the statue into the midst of today demonstrated a strong male body is seen naked. Underbelly in the form of six two-fold the fabric skirt portion hanging down, and behind closed some details of the lower part of the statue, the statue of the whole of kentaurosa shows. All given about 3 meters long and made ​​of white marble statue in a piece of theater which is in part due to the pit, and the eyes of these parts were supposed to be a valuable stone, high quality workmanship at the beginning sets out details of hair. also expected in other parts of the statue , after the Çanakkale Museum exhibition of the restoration project is planned, "he said.hürriyet

Elite Suites & Spa Side Commodore serves only to persons over the age of 18

The most beautiful sunsets in the ancient city of Antalya, and be monitored by a sea of hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign holidaymakers that flock every year in Side, Turkey put into service this summer, right-Round Inc.

Elite Suites & Spa Side of the Commodore company only provides services to persons 18 over the age of. 'Romanticism Inclusive' +18' with a password to couples in romantic and luxurious vacation at the hotel vadediliyor applied. A total of 66 suites including 22 deluxe hotel rooms, private pool, 274 rooms with 10 rooms and has a total of 198 sea-view.

7 floors built on an area of 16 thousand 500 square meters consisting of 3 blocks and the hotel bed capacity to serve 12 months in the 548 open to tourism Ultra all-inclusive hotels offering all kinds of comfort, especially of all ages who wish to spend time with each couple and offers an ideal holiday for honeymoon couples. Accompanied by a private Pilates instructors and fitness center, spa hotel located in a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, two saunas, steam bath, Turkish bath, and 3, except outdoors in the garden has a total of 9 massage parlor.

DOUBLES child's voice you hear

The owner Cenk White, couples, children and away from the noise of a difference, arise to the fore of entertainment, environment, planning a vacation than recreational expressed.

Many couples want to holiday in this direction, emphasizing White, "more peaceful and relaxed, can detach itself and more time with his wife, a quiet, romantic holiday can do. In this direction in Europe and the Russians have a very serious claims. Currently otelemizde England, Germany, more than 40 customers from many countries of the world such as Russia konaklıyor honeymoon, "he said.e-kolay

Eyebrow, ancient cities, the legendary boat trips to Kekova is also very popular this summer!

According to the documents and findings from the villages of Kas, the most important region of the Lycian civilization.

BC Teke Peninsula coast Known to have been inhabited since before six thousand years. Section of land located on a hill overlooking the sea just west of Kas.

Big Pebble Beach in the crystal clear waters of Kas, there are small beaches, such as Pebble Beach and Akçagerme Beach. In addition, the boat can go Çayağzı Beach.

6 units located around 18 km from Kas Kas in the cave. away from the Blue Cave, ages Island Sea Cave, famous for its pigeons Pigeon Cave, the most famous ones. In the meantime, the Kaputaş Beach is a world wonder.

Besides the rich history of Kas more popular day by day, trekking, mountaineering, providing countless opportunities for nature activities such as rafting. For those who want to be alone with nature, a good option to create Gömbe'deki Green Lake and Waterfall Uçansu. Akdag at the bottom of Gombe, 70 km away from Kas. The highest peak in the Western Taurus after Akdağ sivrisinden Girls. Çekicidir.Gömbe attention to the small lakes here in the ancient city of Komba and 13 km from here. There is away from the ancient city of Nisa. In the ancient city of Kas has also Kandyba. In addition, a distance of 12 km from Kas can be seen in the ancient city of Phellos.
One of the important areas around Kas Kekova. Such land by boat from Kas to Kekova gidildiği visited and boat stay we also visited the three. The sunken city can be seen here. Istlada name known around Kas, Apollonia, Isinda, Kyaenai ruined ancient cities such as where there are many well known name. Many historic buildings are known or unknown name and history. For example, Fretboard Tysse, a small settlement on a hill in the village is near the low.

Kaş coastal fishing is done. In the region of the main fish species, coral, grida, grouper, red mullet, iskaroz, puts, bonito and the mullet ... In addition, those who want to eat octopus or squid yapılıyor.Taze, güzenle can order houses on the sea.

Almost all the restaurants in Kas, the dominant flavor of the typical Mediterranean cuisine. Also very rich in terms of local flavors. Gombe, Plateau, "especially in the kebab and ice cream taste. Plateau balıyayla yogurt, grape molasses, carob bean carob molasses obtained, is also very famous buttered keskek.

Kas, Italian, Mexican, or you can find restaurants serving French cuisine.

Those who prefer to drive, both in Antalya, Fethiye and Kas ulaşabilerler following the coastal road coming through.
You forget your fatigue all the way to Kas view you will see approaching.habertürk