Travel and Tourism Research Association of the German popular in Turkey

Travel and Tourism Research Association of the German rival countries, tourism, Turkey is taking advantage of instability.

Travel and Tourism Research Association of the German, Greece, Egypt and Tunisia's political and economic instability in countries such as Spain and Turkey in trying to increase the share of the tourism pie work worked. Association officials are willing to go to German tourists are sensitive to huzursuzluklara countries, and on the political and economic factors influence these preferences are expressed. However, due to Spain, the islands are still the first choice of German tourists. Followed by Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Internet is growing at

On the other hand, under the name of International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, the world's largest tourism fair occasion, more detailed information is given about the behavior of the Germans on. According to the research-based market research company GfK Nürnberg, the Internet is rapidly increasing the number of bookings made. Around one-fifth the rate of increase in internet bookings in 2011-2012 and increased to 36 percent is specified. USA, UK, found that 50 per cent of this figure is for countries such as France, were expressed.

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