Among British tourists, starting with 3 Turkish customers in the debate turned to riot.

The event, Peak District 33 County Road in Marmaris occurred ranks of 02.30 hours on Sunday. 8 British university to take a vacation from England to Marmaris, Bar Street, began to have fun go to a disco.
Later in the night from the same place in the debate began between 3 Turkish riot returned to the customer with the British tourists.

According to Milliyet, the bar brawl that interfere with the private security officials, British tourists Joshua Robert Young (20), Scott, John Houston (21) and Michael Joseph Harries'i (20) and discuss Campbell Ufuk Yilmaz (26), Ü.Ç . (17) and the identity of a young man from the bar pulled out öğrenilemeyen. Not continue to fight outside the bar staff, a time period is 3 Turks send British tourists stood.

The bar, which claims to have been attacked by the British and 3 Turkish, with the British went after leaving bar staff themselves. Young boy looking for 3 English 3 friends from street to street, Houston and Harries'i grabbed 33 of the Road. Ufuk Yilmaz Can, Ü.Ç. and his colleagues, extremely alcoholic kick and punch attacks, the 3 Englishman. They had been puzzled by what the British wanted to help shouting surroundings. Despite his attempts to separate the street and neighborhood residents do not stop third attacker fled the scene, the arrival of the police.

Were hospitalized

Street fight in the middle of the reflective second by second camera, on the injured 3 English police to call an ambulance from a private Ahu Hetman Hospital. Police started an investigation into the incident, three gunmen, who fled and Ü.Ç. Ufuk Yilmaz Can 't wash their faces to capture the scene detained the fountain near the street. Searching for Kçan in the third person.

Discharged from hospital after treatment from the police station and the British, did not want to complain because of the holidays come to an end, he said. Then Carter and Ü.Ç., released statements taken.

Sites Mevkii Marmaris Emre Beach by staying in the hotel, the British returned to their country.

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