Laodicea is the second largest ancient city in Anatolia, Phrygians established by a significant

Excavation Laodicea Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Celal Simsek, after the ancient city of Ephesus ancient city in Anatolia, which is the second largest Laodikya largest and most important, was founded by the Phrygians of Anatolia has been identified said the regional tribes.

Simsek told reporters, the ancient city of Laodicea excavations so far, contrary to popular belief stated that determine whether a city was founded by Greek civilization.

Is the name of the organization and the name of the city'' before'' Rhoas Diospolis'' after'' 3 BC middle of the century the Seleucid King II. By Antiochus and his wife, Laodice has changed by giving the'' known as'' Laodicea about the Lightning,'' Last of the largest and most important findings and the second largest ancient city in Anatolia Laodikya Anatolia, founded by local tribes found that the Phrygians 've. Located within the boundaries of the region of Phrygia which in ancient times as the Phrygians and their density became clear that the city,'' he said.

Lightning, the western cemetery of the ancient city, the ongoing excavations of the Early Copper Age ceramics dating back to the Early Bronze Age pithos graves uncovered, Asopos Hill 3 thousand 500 years before Christ from the excavations of the settlement mound saving has been identified, all of these findings, the Phrygian city shows that a typical Anatolian city of civilization, he said.

Archaeological park to be established

The ancient city of Laodicea excavations and restoration work goes on throughout the year beginning in 2008 and known for thousands of years in many excavations uncovered the data are removed and that the work Simsek, the projects to be exhibited symptoms that were uncovered in the city, he said.

Prof. Dr. Lightning In this context, a combination of excavation and restoration work is being carried out in the city, who announced that they aim to build'' a'' archaeological park. cumhuriyet

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