How much is a fascinating view of Cappadocia, the land of fairy tales, the more delicious dishes

How much is a fascinating view of Cappadocia, the land of fairy tales, the more delicious dishes. However, spanning a large region of Cappadocia, this cuisine is cracking palate, a little more each day are forgotten.
Cappadocia balloon tours
The reason for the reduction in demand for food at the local tourists eating habits of the younger generation. For the Greeks formed the majority of the population of 1924 Mübadelesi'ne, dining customs of this society was under the influence. Grain products consumed in the region comes at the beginning of basic food items. The most consumed meat type sheep and kuzudur. Game dishes such as partridge and rabbits diet in the rarely takes place.
Cold winters and long passes in the region. Freezes, bıktırır, still leaves. Ayaz jobs in human bones. Life becomes more difficult. For this reason, measures are taken in winter without knocking. For example, a thin pitas prepared, cooked and dried sheet, bunched and wrapped cloths are stored in the cellar. Egg noodles, plenty dough, cut, special mortars are beaten wheat semolina, grapes, boiled and converted into molasses. Apple, pear, quince, apricots and figs, dried fruits grown in the region is removed from a corner.
Name of the region's most widely grown potato, vegetable, are uncommon in local dishes. Outside of familiar dishes, unique to the region do not eat a potato. Because these vegetables, not so long ago does not rely on familiarity with the local people. The Germans brought the potato producer of railway in Anatolia. Was cultivated around 1892 in Ankara, Turkey.
Locally grown grapes, is used as a sweetener such as molasses making and, in the case of Christians by the distilled raki and wine consumed. In recent years, wine-making became more important. The local wines has won the admiration of tourists.
Snails at the beginning of the region was once the most popular dishes. Snails collected after the autumn rains, boiled with the bark removed from the needle, or bulgur, baked stew is done. The dining area after the departure of the Greeks unutuldu.
Stove tandoori bread
Tandir forgotten CENTER

Dry beans of the region's most frequently consumed food items. Vinegar is stored in goat's clothing, and lentils, butter sold çömlekte, bag yoghurt is located in the most popular food items arsında. Cappadocia cuisine, the most important foundation stone quarry in the tandoor. Archaic hearths and function of the hearth and the room is considered more heat, and cook them and eat bread. Tandoor soup, meat cooked in a tandoor baked beans, test kebab pita bread, the most popular quarries in tandoori dishes.
Today, urbanization and tourism, it slowly began to destroy the culture of the kitchen. I mentioned above, the pre-winter preparations continue in rural areas, even though the inhabitants of towns and cities, no longer bothered to winter preparation katlanmamakta. Convenience stores and markets all prepared food items, delete and has taken the fear of winter. Tandoori cooking tool of the region in the same way, while preserving the existence of some village houses are now still in the stone ovens, electric ovens, and leaves the liquid gas furnaces. Greeks who had left the area, but also gets lost in a very local food. In other words, the current Cappadocian cuisine, not as rich as 85-90 years ago. In summary of modernization direnememiştir Cappadocia cuisine. In addition, the local cuisine at restaurants in the region is difficult to find. Only a few "black eye" operator, is working to introduce and deliver the old flavors.

PAN SÖĞÜRMESİ boron in Nigde

My last journey, Nigde and Nevsehir, valleys, fairy chimneys, hisarlara, establishing churches and monasteries, as well as looking at the dream, I tried to get to know the local delicacies. My first stop was the town of Nigde famous Boron. When I arrived, time for lunch had arrived. Asking to investigate, I found Lokantası'nı Hilmi Pasha Mosque opposite. This is the city's oldest lokantalarındandı, dishes, pots became known. Mr. Şadan Söğürme'yi offered me his lamb. Lamb pirzolasıyla done, meat trays in the oven posited Gudgeon. When cooked immediately separated from the bones. In fact, this dish a lot, especially the southern region of Anatolia, including traces of the kitchen. Söğürme'nin at the top, I ate molasses köfteleriyle tatlısından the region.
After the meal the oldest monuments in the county, in 1205 I visited the Yellow Mosque and the Mosque of Alaeddin. History trip is done, Bor-famous market, they failed. Time for that later machines were gathering. I "passed Bor market Nigde ride his donkey" matches the word, I broke the steering wheel towards Nigde. I've been on the road before the village of Gümüşler. The 20 rooms in a monastery, a village, I was almost frozen in the face of the rock block. Big rock oyulup two, three storey houses were made. This "rock the village," in and out of one of the houses here, but I could not imagine the life I tried to.
Taste the flavor Sini's Supper was the second stop in Nigde. Here, Nigde Tavası'nı baked in the tray, bread I have eaten me. Eggplant, green pepper, lamb, pork, sheep tail fat, the taste of this dish made with garlic and potatoes because of the people was possible Niğde. This is the last stop in the city, a small lokantaydı Household Status. Here, home cooked meals of women, especially in conquered damağımı mantıyla stuffed dumplings.

Tafana, haricot beans cooked ÇÖMLEKTE

The land of Nevsehir Avanos pottery culinary journey began. Red River at the top of this ancient Roman city, the reputation of the red clay soils accumulated owed to its banks. This sticky soils, yesterday, today was the major source of income of Avanos. Here, all the pots and pans used in the Mediterranean basin. We decided on the best-known restaurant in the town Tafana'da. This is a taste of your belly with complacency durağıydı doyuracağınız. Tafana'da çömlekte baked beans with meat, the taste of kebab I looked at the pot. At the same time, the operator of a traveler Ismet fine, a lot of local tourists in the restaurant mönülerinin prepared according to the preferences, so they said sunamadıklarını little local flavor.
The second moment of the rock churches and monasteries became the most intense Goreme. The geography of the region containing the most stunning restaurant in Goreme, I went to the local food Alaturca had a hard time finding. In Menu dishes are quite tasty, but you could eat them in any part of Turkey. Here, it filled my stomach with steak wrap.

RESTAURANTS in the museum

Ortahisar Culture Museum was the last stop in Cappadocia restaurants. In 1933, the second floor of city hall in the museum, the area's life, dress, customs house, house of models canlandırılmıştı inanimate objects. This is a small ethnographic museum browsing, a lot of answers about the local bulabiliyordunuz. Foot museum-restaurant in the world made up of current Ortahisar Culture Museum, a part of the building turned restaurant. Here, I looked at the area's famous test kebab taste. Domestic meat-filled test, was brought to the table after their stay at a tandoor for 2-3 hours. Remove pulp without breaking the mouth of the chief of service who watched with interest test. I found out that, according to local tradition, if there crushing test her mouth. Whether he realizes the show to tourists has become a habit.
There are a lot of flavor, large and small stop in Cappadocia. They all resemble each other in the menus. But the number of local restaurants, where dinner is not too much. I offer you this festive holiday meals go, this fairy-tale realm will be: Söğürme, köfter, Nigde, frying, dry bean casserole, jug kebab, meat and chicken casserole, pot kebab, keskek ... This will increase the pleasure of your holiday meals.

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