The ancient city of Assos, eat dead in a sarcophagus of 2 thousand 500 years old olive pits

Located in the ancient city of Assos Ayvacik boundaries of the district, serving as a sarcophagus in the'' dead'' eat olive pits found in the 2 thousand 500 years.

COMU (ÇOMÜ) Head of the Department of Archaeology and the ancient city of Assos Chairman of the Board, Prof. excavation. Dr. Nurettin Armstrong, in his statement, said that the olive tree, even today thousands of Assos region.

'' Would not be wrong to say that the case in ancient times,'' said Armstrong, gave the following information:

'' He comes from olives and olive oil at the beginning of the period of basic nutrients. Olive is one of the indispensable nutrients. Whether the olive press from time to time in Assos, we find stone tools used in the removal of oil. Necropolis (cemetery) excavations have identified a sarcophagus was put in the olive cores. In the past years it had found a grave fig. This 'dead food' and a tradition. Funeral ceremony is held at the beginning of the grave during his burial ceremony at that time, and the food, throwing him to the grave whatever gift or other life are to eat. Olive oil, olive pits found at Assos, there is concrete evidence of the ancient period.''

Arslan, that the nuclei of 2 thousand 500-year history, said,'' At the time, the city of olives and olive oil have been sent to other cities. Excavations in the coming years we can get more information on this issue,'' he said.

People collecting olives in a glass vase with a stick, another vase by the press, the oil bothers people voicing betimlendiğini Arslan,'' such as olive brine consumed today, but it is also used in plenty of olive oil. Maybe a little cheese, olive oil and ate well. Olives are not only eating and drinking, youth, athletes put their bodies under the sun idmanlarda they are also used as a protective sun cream,'' he said. cumhuriyet

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