With cedar forests of the world's most important quarries Çığlıkara'daki Antalya, moved to a new question on the agenda of the Parliament's resolution. 
CHP Antalya deputy Arif Bulut, wants to respond in writing to the Minister Eroglu Recommendation stone and marble quarries of the region that has witnessed the value of the individual ordering the massacre of nature, "to become the city of Antalya, mining and quarry kalınacaktır the audience how much more?" led to the question.

Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu a written question to be answered by a vote of the Parliament that the CHP Antalya deputy Arif Bulut in the world, only for the protection of vegetation in this region to which it refers to international conventions that Turkey has signed Recommendation, "the power of the 2002 period - 2011 within the boundaries of Antalya between the years how many mines and stone quarries were allowed to open? Çığlıkara and around the village of Tekke of Abdal Musa Dergâhının where the proximity to the mines and quarries, and the danger is the status of the protected area? " he asked.

Çığlıkara and mines around the village of Tekke nature, environment, agricultural land and the people of the region because of the great destruction to halt the activities of the ministry about the start of a study looking not trigger any response to the question of cloud, "not found anywhere in the world of Taurus cedar forest, with vegetation, the region which is also a valuable result in opening marble quarries? privileges, according to which criteria do these stoves? endemic plant species protected under international treaties which the country found to the signature, mines and stone quarries in the licenses granted, to comply with international conventions in the Is? " wanted to answer questions.

'Is it our fate will leave the people in region'

Recommendation of the ministry's research also addressed the cloud, "the licenses given to mines that have done work bakanlığınızın Do you take into consideration? If you are getting to an area protected under your Ministry and the ministry of environment which permits the burners according to the criteria is? Mines and quarries improvement works are done? Is there any improvement work carried out so far? If yes, which cut the trees in the region and considering the improvement in the operation of a recovery in the region, how was it made? Mining activities in the region has created the villagers from harm resulting from a complaint Is bakanlığınıza reached? Are you taking into account the complaints received by us or the people of the region will leave to their fate? Mining and quarry to become the city of Antalya Province in the audience kalınacaktır how much more? "Led to questions.


Located in the marble and stone quarries, a large number of Çığlıkara created by nature recalling the massacre many times that the public agenda, Bulut, as detailed in Recommendation also give the region's rich plant species, he noted. Pears with stone quarries in the region most affected villages and the villagers Avsar Antalya last year for the cancellation of licenses by the Regional Administrative Court petition bulunmuşlardı criminal complaint. Chinese companies working in the marble extracted from the region, China and are exported to the United States in the woods in the 'Chinese' draws attention to road signs.

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