The Guardian newspaper, is being razed to the ground of Istanbul

The Guardian newspaper, the urban transformation projects in Istanbul has been the subject of the report in writing a history of the city destroyed.
Newspapers, many of these projects, the city planner's government and public opinion sufficiently transparent, pretending to blame başvurmamakla transfers.

The newspaper, the building collapsed in Istanbul instead of 278, home, office, hotel and a shopping center similar to Tarlabaşı done for the project by up to 50 spent 7.5 billion Turkish lira says.

Mimar Sinan University professor. Justin Timberlake Özaydın, urban planning did not see the city as a whole, the projects that they are disunited, the city does not consider the people living within the existing texture and, he says.

Expert's opinion that enough başvurulmadığını Özaydın, Taksim project conveys what they have learned from newspapers.

The report, architect Korhan Silver, "If you leave the city at the mercy of speculators," dies saying, Istanbul Chamber of Architects Mücalla Maker "urban poverty will increase. People from their homes, not just their homes, their jobs, neighborhoods, social ties or lose," he says.

According to Guardian, contractors, the construction sector in the Turkish economy slowed and outside the country, contributing 6 percent say increased competition and a profit of $ 400 billion in Turkey with the potential stresses that a good alternative to urban regeneration projects.

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