1200 kinds of wine grapes in Turkey for the World Congress told

The world's largest wine producers come together 35'incisi'ne Turkey will host the World Congress of Vine and Wine.
World wine industry representatives from 45 countries on June 18 to 22 in Izmir, "Diversity and Sustainability Viticulture" theme, will discuss the future of the industry. The wine capital Paris, the French organizers of the congress presentation and reception for the Turks who came together, "We accept this convention as a bridge of friendship," he said.
There are two thousand years of production
The reception given Turkey's Embassy in Paris, 44 countries are members of the congress organizer of the World International Wine Organization (SCT), Yves Bernard, the French President, General Director of the Italian Federico Castellucci, Turkey Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority (TAPDK) President Mehmet Small, Ambassador Tahsin Burcuoğlu and many local and foreign guests. The most important names in the wine world, from the French title for the first time since 1962 with SCT Chairman Yves Bernard, "the most successful wine-growing industries in the Mediterranean basin since the Hittite Empire, Turkey has one of the very successful and we believe home ownership. Turkey to meet with representatives of the world's leading wine-making could be a natural thing, "he said.
Mesopotamia, the homeland of wine
President Mehmet Kucuk, TAPDK, "Our country home of world wine production. Lands of Mesopotamia, the first wine produced on Earth. Turkey 1200 kinds of raw material for wine grapes in the world with unequaled quality. And the wine production in the first 10. Therefore, until the end of this beautiful city Izmir haketmiştir to host this congress, "he said. 600 representatives were invited to the congress. Guest speakers will reach this number by 1000. World wine producers, wine and raki will visit factories, to talk trade with Turkey.

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