One addition to the Black Sea, on one side and the city. Cute and peaceful. I have an air of unspoilt beauty and pristine.

Black Sea coast of Istanbul, one of the nearest coastal Ghost Village! Coastal village, sea, fish and even the nature of the Istanbul daily close to the city to go ..
Creeks, charming and peaceful place between the pad and the Kazan Kıyıköy, pristine beauty and clean air in the city, an ideal place to escape for a breath. Ghost Village are entering through the door from the Byzantine period the coastal belt. Ghost Village have a long, long coastal beaches. When you get down the hill Harbour as the deep blue sea and the sea of ​​different coral sand beach is waiting for you in a fracture. Although the Black Sea due to the undulating wave blessing most of the time is always immaculate.


Put another beach that is coastal Selvez Beach. Ghost Village Beach and Coastal Selvez descending Date discover one of the places you see in the Monastery of St. Nikola. Hamdi Kaya nearly 35 years the guardian of the monastery, aka "Tako", you will at the door. Asks whether you need a flashlight, and tells the history of the monastery's also kind enough to pull a good-looking picture. Significantly larger than the port, close to the beach is always happening Selvez Beach. Put in the shopping center must make progress to the sea shore.


There are great places for trekking and camping enthusiasts Coastal Ghost Village. Ghost Village is ideal for beach, coastal western side of the camp. If you want to get away from the crowds and the noise is completely suitable for camping in April and May, months Coastal Ghost Village. Kıyıköy to find fresh water when camping difficult.

PHOTO freak!

Kıyıköy, narrow streets, tiny streams running into the sea to get its historical structures and a place to attract the attention of photographers. Held in Istanbul, beaches, photography tours. Most of the houses in the summer arrivals Kıyıköylülerin opens. Of course, these houses need to avoid dialing a great comfort. Kıyıköy stay in the hotel for close to 20 pension option is also available. Two-storey hostel, friendly and warm people. Delicious pastries at the entrance to a village Kıyıköy'ün Borekci uncle Hussein Yorulmaz beaches, go for breakfast and the clean air value.

STREAM bike and tour the SEA!

500 BC 'triple in the former name of Lydians built "Mussel" Kıyıköy which will see works from the Byzantine period. Surrounding the Castle at the time of Emperor Justinian Kıyıköy'ü Kıyıköy time, 6 century was built. When you enter the castle of the sea right next to the creek Kıyıköy how beautiful you will appear on a witness. Time in Between 15 TL hired pedalo. Beaches, especially in Istanbul to go to eat fish daily. According to the season, the red mullet, turbot, bluefish, mussels and crabs Kıyıköy the most beautiful.


Aya Nikola Monastery: a place you can see the beach, close to the Monastery of St. Nikola. 6. Aya Nikola Monastery of the century, the period of Justinian, the world's oldest stone carving is one of the monasteries. Aya Nikola Monastery, said to be the resting place of former monks. The columns and bas-reliefs definitely worth seeing. The ground floor of the church and cemetery, where it rests on the top floor of the monks, the holy spring is on the bottom floor. Ayanikola Monastery needs a little more attention from the authorities.

Kartaltepe: in particular a magnificent setting of the sun hours Kartaltepe turns red. After the hill I sipped tea in the evening, the sounds of birds dive ears to sleep the peaceful melody. The red sunset Kartaltepe'de

Along the way, the green

Istanbul, 164 kilometers from the beaches, private car through the exit going to Istanbul to Edirne, the way to the use Cerkezkoy separation. After passing the House for a tree-lined beaches, you can route.

How much accommodation?

There are nearly 20 Kıyıköy board. I do say I would stay overnight camping in pension pay up to $ 50. We asked and received a positive response to the regulars Kıyıköy'ün pensions.

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