Statue of the mythological creature known as the excavations of the ancient city of Parion Kentarus found.

Kemer village in Biga town of Canakkale due to ongoing excavations of the ancient city of Parion, 8th season comes to an end of studies, known as Kentarus human above the waist, looking down at the statue of the mythological creature found.

Professor of Archaeology Department of Ataturk University in Erzurum. Dr. Cevat Basaran, held under the chairmanship of excavation work this year, six different regions of the ancient city, excavations are carried out. One of the most important buildings were being carried out excavations in the Roman Theatre, the stage building and intensified during this year's work, his arms broken, missing some parts of the body, a marble statue was unearthed.

Head of the excavation team. Dr. Basaran, according to initial assessments of the statue MS Other investigators belong to the 2nd century, the expression, "the section of the statue into the midst of today demonstrated a strong male body is seen naked. Underbelly in the form of six two-fold the fabric skirt portion hanging down, and behind closed some details of the lower part of the statue, the statue of the whole of kentaurosa shows. All given about 3 meters long and made ​​of white marble statue in a piece of theater which is in part due to the pit, and the eyes of these parts were supposed to be a valuable stone, high quality workmanship at the beginning sets out details of hair. also expected in other parts of the statue , after the Çanakkale Museum exhibition of the restoration project is planned, "he said.hürriyet

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