Seven Lakes National Park, visitors flocked to fall

Seven Lakes conserved as a national park since 1965, the Ankara-Istanbul highway 152 190 km of the contemporary age Bolu km of accessible means allocated to the north.

Seven Lakes is approximately 45 kilometers away from Bolu city center, 100 meters from the elevation difference between the two is built on a plateau Büyükgöl, Deringöl, Deringöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, İncegöl and Sazlıgöl'den occurs.

With the size of about a thousand 600 hectares of Seven Lakes Basin, floating masses, fronts closure as a result of the valleys, surface and groundwater flows interconnected goals, different tree species that surrounds it displays a different image every season.

Lily, crocus and orchids with a total of 236 plant species beech, hornbeam, oak, alder, maple, elm, poplar, yellow, and black pine, fir, nuts, leafy mountain ash, goat willow, wild cherry, yew, lime, and ash trees, national parks, especially in the fall are getting an impressive appearance.

Bear, wild boar, wolf, fox, mountain cat, lynx, badger, marten, squirrel, deer, roe deer and rabbits, as well as wild duck, pigeon, woodpecker, stock dove, quail, woodcock, starlings, Jay and partridge over 100 Seven Lakes bird species were identified, described as'''' hidden paradise.

Created by a painter's brush strokes like the image formed by the tree and plant species in different color tones, Seven Lakes, offers visitors unforgettable views.

Quiet and serene nature, beautiful landscapes, different land forms, waterfalls, hiking trails, and especially clean air Seven Lakes, picnic, relax, take pictures, flocked to sport and those who want to set up camp. cumhuriyet

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