Turkey wild mushroom tank, Kastamonu Kure Mountains

Turkey wild mushroom tank, Kastamonu Kure Mountains on top of the dry season, the two fall later this year, partly productive lives.

September rains revived the area's famous kanlıca corks. Anchusa, purple çinçile gathering. The local people in the European cuisine to eat in order to recognize the porcini, mushrooms, such as şantarel also found. Kure Mountains National Park, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), with the support of the region this year to determine the richness of mushrooms, initiated a study to convert the theme of eco-tourism. This initiative is open to all, a series of events organized within the scope of October 3 to 7. Activities under the mushroom expert Jilber Barutçiyan Azdavay'daki Eco-Tourism Development Center, wild mushroom collection, storage techniques will provide information about. Azdavay Pinarbasi Şenpazar'da mushroom hunting Procedures and exit. Burn to Ali Mansion, mushroom dishes.hürriyet

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