an ancient city that hosts the national park on Mount Nemrut Commagene Kingdom

Nemrut Mountain National Park, the province of Adiyaman, Kahta an ancient city in the district and the Kingdom of Kommagene in national parks and historical places that host.
Transport by road that links the city center of Adiyaman Kahta'ya is provided to the National Park within the boundaries of the province of Adiyaman. Adiyaman is very comfortable and easy to transport from the airport. Mount Nemrut Adiyaman and Kahta county services, and there are many other historical attractions.

Mount Nemrut Tumulus of Antiochos, King, and the sacred areas, the National Park constitutes the main feature.

Tumulus, and giant statues of Antiochus, Arsameia (Eskikale), Yenikale, Karakus Hill and the cultural values ​​in Cendere Bridge National Park. In ancient times the region known as Komagene, Mithradates I established an independent kingdom by the kingdom of his son, I. Antiochus (62-32 BCE) is dominated by the years of prominence. MS.72 made and lost the war against Rome in the year ended with the independence of the kingdom.
Settlement's hilltop ruins of Mount Nemrut Tumulus of Antiochos and sacred areas are not. Tumulus, 2150 meters high, is located on a hill dominating the plains of the Euphrates River crossings and. The king's bones or ashes are put into the room carved into the bedrock and covered with 50 meters high and 150 meters wide tumulus is thought. Entry is from the north east and the west terrace-shaped courtyards include religious ceremonies were held.

Both the lion and eagle statues on the terrace sits up to 7 meters height, condition of the giant statues are sorted, they ortostad with inscriptions and reliefs (large stone blocks laid vertically) 'la translated. Commagene village near the capital, is located in the old Kahta Arsameia. Here is the sacred area of ​​Mithridates.

Kahta Cendere River is a tributary creek on two main rocks at contracted as a single-arched bridge is located in the Cendere. According to the inscription on the bridge columns by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus Commagene cities (AD 193-211) was built in honor of his wife and sons. 21 meters high, 10 km southwest of Arsameia'nın kingdom Karakus Peak Tumulus women are buried.

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