Seven Lakes National Park is rich in vegetation like the sea of ​​trees

Seven Lakes National Park, north of the province of Bolu in the western Black Sea province of Zonguldak Province in the south east of Duzce Mengen district of Bolu Province in the national parks are all within reach.
In addition, the Ankara-Istanbul highway 152inci contemporary age and 190 kms north of Bolu province allocated km'sindeki accessible ways. Bolu-Seven Lakes route is closed by snow in winter-Mengen-transport through the printer is not only contemporary age. Approximately 30-km section of road is gravel or both.

Western Black Sea region is very hilly region of lakes formed by landslide in the National park "Sea Forest" of trout living in lakes and rich vegetation reminiscent of those values ​​constitute the main sources of the potential created by the recreational use. Usually composed of volcanic rocks in the structure of the fins and the dent in the floor exercise from time to time in the field ready to drift, land structure, preparing the main factors in the occurrence of lakes. Lakes, floating masses of water accumulated in the valleys behind the front parts as a result of closure of the set lakes. Some of them are linked together by leaks from the bottom.

National park vegetation is dominated by beech trees. In addition, oak, hornbeam, alder, larch, pine, fir, elm, lime and yew trees as well as different kinds of shows.
Effective protection of the park and surrounding areas in and near the growing numbers of deer, roe deer, bear, wild boar, wolves, foxes and squirrels are the types.

Trout culture in our country to produce the first station was established in 1969, this national park. Therefore recreational line fishing have been a source point. Brought by the type of Abant trout fishermen, Seven Lakes varieties of trout eggs by eating naturally brought the point of extinction. Also camping, day trips for picnics, walking in nature, photography uğraşlarıdır visitors.

Instead of looking within the National Park landscape Yedigöler Kapankaya exits as possible to see the beauty of lakes and unique landscape, this route also possible to see the sign on the memorial tree. Follow the path when a roadside memorial tree can be seen from the location of the plate. Deer production area can be visited.

Existing Facilities: Accommodation within the National Park camping, day picnic, hiking, photography recreation activities such as accommodation and food needs while the rest of the resort homes, casinos, and the canteen karşılanılabilir countryside.

National park konaklanabildiği tent and caravans, as utilized in the guest house and bungalows.

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