Kaçkar Mountains, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, rafting and skiing for sports such as

Kaçkar Mountains, north of Turkey, a mountain range running along the eastern Black Sea coast. Forms part of the North Anatolian Mountains in the east. Many east of the summit is over 3500 m, 2000 m altitude reaches up to the western part. The highest point is 3937 m high Mount Kaçkar scorched.
Has been declared a national park in 1994. A large part of the national park within the boundaries of the town of Rize Camlihemsin, a small portion lies within the boundaries of the town of Artvin province Yusufeli.

"Kaçkar" The name can be used in different meanings:

The entire mountain range Verçenik'den Altıparmak'a
that make up the central portion of the ridge of Mount scorched Kaçkar
The highest peak of Mount Kaçkar scorched all the hierarchies in

Kaçkar Mountains, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, rafting, and became a center for sports such as skiing. And cultural structure of the specific nature of the region, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. A significant part of the natural park is located within the boundaries of the mountains.

'Kaçkar the word "Armenian" Stone Crusade "which means" khachkars "(Խաչքար) or Kipchak Turkic word for" ram-goat, "which means" Koçkar "suggested that the word comes from the mountains of Pamir Kirghiz Turks live in the region of Afghanistan sürülmektedir.halen MOUNTAIN-called de-KAÇKAR MOUNTAIN-vardır.-Teke is a mountain that Afghan immigrant living in the village of geliyor.isteyen van Erciş Teki ulupamir sorabilir.kazakistanda-KocKAR MOUNTAIN-Kirghiz Turks, Kyrgyzstan MOUNTAIN-the-KOÇKOR still exists, this name Kipchak Turkish-speaking region to region differences in accent among the Turks as yaşamaktadır.bilindiği Artvin, Ardahan, Meskhetian Turks, the region is once Kipchak-ATABEK STATE-ni set up, until the Ottoman conquest of our region have present one.
Kaçkar Mountains, only a very thin line just behind the coast of the Black Sea coast in the south. Cover which is perpendicular to the north, take frequent and abundant rainfall due to dense forest. Mainly in nuts, tea, tobacco and olives, cherries and citrus are also grown as the new new. Turkey's rice production centers located in low areas in the east. With the safety of the ground floor is not too steep, or any areas that are not suitable to farming, partly heavily dominated by rhododendron cover. Kaçkar mountains of North eastern coastal areas in recent times, kiwi, blueberries, cherry laurel fruit of which is as effective as drug production başlanmıştır.Şeker disease and chestnut chestnut honey are produced in higher yields by taking advantage from the woodlands. High-regions is also used as pasture. Fir forests in the first place, as a forest of beech, or mixed, shaped. Forest boundary lies between 2000 m and 2300 m.

The South, to Anatolia, due to low rainfall areas of the forest is less. Placement of a natural character which is very rare here and is dominated by steppe. Only the river tribes, and river willows and poplars developed nature of dishes. In rare cases, and the only one available in oak and larch. All settlements in the region is very rare flora and fauna can vary widely.

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