Natural Area which is accepted as inviolable the great mountain national park

Great Mountain National Park was declared a National Park in 1961. Hektar.Daha area is under protection in 1961 after 12 762 hectares of national park area was 27.300. National park access road, cable cars and ski lifts can be performed. North and South slopes of the mountain trail with a large number of valleys and hills are all within reach.
National park can be reached by cable car route, and a very small part of the total area of ​​fields. Wolfram Mine area hotels also extends from the slopes the next chapter "Natural Area as an untouchable" are accepted.

Uludag National Park in 1963 until 1972 as the Regional Forestry Supervisor Kirazlıyayla'dan were administered with a height of 1500 meters. High Forest Engineer Orhan Glaziers national park until 1972 as founding chief of the region has directed the work of infrastructure development. Among the projects completed in this period, the development of the administrative center of Kirazlıyayla, Sarıalan opening of the way, the development of First Hotels, National Park entrance area Karabelen arrangement, the construction of dozens of Cesme, Sarıalan Çobankaya campsites camping area and the construction of the arrangement. Orhan Camcı'nın one of his most significant contributions in the national park administration center and natural history museum in the park at that time as the 1900 meters in hotels has been the administrative center.
That period also brought electricity Etibank mine operated by Wolfram, the opening of mines in accordance with the standards of road parking, the development of ski areas and arranged Yeşiltarla'daki deer breeding area and the camping areas of the development of road signs and signs in accordance with a particular national park in the production of a remarkable çalışmalardandır . In 1972 it was transformed into the Department of Forests regional manager for the National Park.

Council of Ministers, the decision taken on February 13, 2006, issued out of a total area of ​​1600 hectares of National Park. This decision by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uludag National Park is a large part of this wonder of nature left defenseless.

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