Gives the opportunity to swim in the winter. It also useful in skin care

Geothermal Association President Mehmet Asset Bodrum, Turgutreis within the scope of the work initiated in the town about 2 years ago, approximately 638 meters deep and the water temperature of 37 degrees rastlandığını said.
Sudanese Ministry of Health teams and the water from the geothermal properties of the samples examined at the Faculty of Medicine, Anchor Asset noting,''The water eczema, psoriasis, acne, stomach disorders, anemia, rheumatism, and traffic accidents in old age, joint trauma, such as the post-therapeutic elements of uneasy that, in the sulfur, iron, chromium, sulphate-containing materials were identified as strong,''he said.

Being in the region and the second well will be opened within 15 days would make the connection between the two wells and in this way, yaşamayacaklarını hotels reported difficulties in making water.
Being over age 50 who said they aimed for tourists thermal tourism, said:
''Our target group in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, bone disorders, such as living in places with less sun and tourists come to Turkey for treatment. There are approximately 10 million people will benefit from thermal tourism in Turkey. The number of beds in tourist facilities in Bodrum, only 100 thousand.''

Thermal water were introduced in hotels

Mayor Mehmet Tire Gumusluk letting them know the positive results of the analysis of the water,''Gumusluk will start in winter had given the good news. The water started to hotels at some of the apartments. We will be offering other major hotels in the coming days. Thermal water bağlandıkça hotels at our hotels during the winter months keeping our citizens will benefit from the sudan,''he said.
Tire, foreigners living in the town of Gumusluk organizing excursions in the area of ​​thermal water, he added.

Foreigners are supporting

About 6 years living in the Swedish town of Bodrum tourism, winter tourism, a major contribution to the thermal Emma Crabbe said it would be. Crabbe, who had been in the water no longer healthy choice,''gives the opportunity to swim in winter. It also useful in skin care. Demand from abroad is necessarily. If you go there, because those outside the country where the thermal water. Places to retire, especially those who prefer this kind,''he said.

British Consulate in Istanbul after being retired from Gumusluk to live in this hamlet yerleştiğine Martin Abel pointed to the retirees health care. Abel describes the thermal water, especially in the elderly is good, said he believed would be the contribution of the thermal plants of winter sports.

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