Historical mansions foothills of the mountains and the town's famous scalloped

Scratching the town was once the main caravan route connecting Istanbul to Anatolia above. Boxwood combs, spoons sold in the Middle East. 

Bolu highway was abandoned to its fate is received. Now, nearly 100 historic mansion, Quiet City titriyle revived.
Kapıorman Mountains, arrived late in the autumn of this year. Moreover, with regards to the past, plenty of rain. The foot of the mountains, the string side by side with peasants carts full of mushrooms Taraklı'nın not kanlıca bazaar this year. 10 TL per kilo sells mushrooms büfeci verge of blackout "for the fungus has not raining, I hope that it is going after," he says. Rain decreases, increasing the number of visitors coming to town.
Arasta shops selling local products and ... There's stores that ... Women to prepare at home kavanozladığı foam Helvas, Uhud, desserts, molasses, asparagus, marmalades, notched woven ...
Scratching Once upon a time, date caravan route was between stops. Silk Road traders, pilgrims pilgrims konaklardı Cited inn. Expedition to Egypt in 1516 Mamluks angry accommodated here, even if the Yavuz Sultan Selim, misafirperveklikten impressed. Yunuspaşa Mosque built.
Evliya Çelebi, 130 years after this expedition met Taraklı'ya undergoes a prosperous kasabayla. "Connected, garden, akarsulu, Camili 11 in a creek, 500-digit quaint town," he wrote. The town's 6th district inn, 6, 6 school, there were 200 shops. Mountains full of boxwood. Combs and spoons carved by masters in the "Arab and Acem'e" shipped. Therefore, the name of the town Taraklı'ydı.

Ahi Taraklı'da strong tradition. Yunuspaşa Mosque prayer in the morning trades after reading collectively Shops open. There is also the so-called masters in the art of Akhism mahirdi yalaza. It is humorous, sad, or self listening to stories that anlatırlardı passes, would bring life lessons. hürriyet

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