Fazil Say, the world applauds, country, judging

Looking at the hotel include room Main River. Schmidt-Rottluff'tan both the German expressionist landscape on the wall. Schmidt-Rottluff, the Nazis to power in Germany when it comes to a painter prohibited to make pictures. Main, quiet flowing.

Ride him like a book, each would open the door to another journey. Two hours later, met in the hotel lobby Dursun'la Kadir manager Fazil Say, "Fazil Say's Eve" What I'm going. While waiting, Leonardo Sciascia'nın lead me to Sicily "Wine Color Sea" that I'm reading. Main, bozbulanık flowing.

Maestro Griffiths

A surprise waiting for me when I go into the lobby. Kadir Dursun, as well as to manage overnight Hessen Radio Symphony Orchestra, Howard Griffiths. Griffiths is no yabancımız.

Artistic director of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra undertakes up to ten years, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the French National Orchestra, the Tchaikovsky Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Basel Symphony Orchestra, the London Mozart Players governing such prestigious communities Griffiths, violist for many years, the Turkish Semra Griffiths'le always been a pillar of married and Turkey. Directing concerts in our country for a long time, vocalization pays special attention to the works of Turkish composers.

But what really surprised me, Griffiths is a new book. Maestro is a music book for children wrote: "The witch with the Maestro." Newly published German. English version will be released in 2013. Karin Fabian Künzli'nin Hellert-Knappe'nin yummy pictures and accompanied by a CD that contains music composed for this book.

"Say Night" heading into what you have to have a snack, because it truly is a music marathon waiting for us: Say "Hezarfen" Ney Concerto, "London Symphony", in Turkey yet seslendirilmeyen "Space Symphony" and Say interpretation of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", and then 3 nights Chopin Music.

Arte live broadcast

Hessen Radio Symphony Orchestra concert hall, a lounge with a very special. Because at the same time a "full-fledged" a huge recording studio. Is up to a thousand listeners, but the Night conduct here has a special meaning: Europe's most prestigious art and culture Arte TV channels, live broadcasts concerts. Cameras attached to the note pages kameramanlarının Arte immediately attracts attention. At that time, the perfection of this kind concert çekimlerindeki better understand the timing of ...

Hall, of course, is full. Of course, there are the Turks. But the vast majority of German. Perhaps more interestingly, in the audience, other cities in Germany, other European countries, moreover, the "Patients Say" no less than the number of absence. A little talk with them, they last for years to track down Say you understand the European concerts. Say, where, they are also there ...

At the beginning of the orchestra, as well

Say, Griffiths takes away the orchestra "Space Symphony", "London Symphony", "Hezarfen Ney Concerto" nu yorumlayışını hall, as well at the beginning of their watching, listening. He listens, I've been watching from time to time. Sometimes also, this works if listening for the first time it appears on the gaze of childlike purity. Sometimes also the orchestra mastery read his exuberant satisfaction on his face.

I'm starting intimacies of their mental structure of his compositions. Big enthusiasts, attract, turbulence dinginlikler, silences are always intertwined.

Hezarfen imagination!

Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi, dedicated to the description of Ney Konçertosu'yla Çalınıştan ago, while getting to resist gravity and the fact that the power of an endless dream of humanity "taking back" what he defies the "thousand-phenyl", "thousand" science comes in front of my eyes.

"Hezarfen" I listen, "knew a lot" Çelebi put Algeria to think and Khayyam "Is There a bearing of sin in the world, tell me; / Yaşanır Have you ever sinned, tell me, / I say bad gonna evil, / God Almighty, what is the difference from me, tell me! "strings going through my mind.

The four-hour concert wildly applauded recent finds, look, the little faces no signs of fatigue. What is Fatigue mention, they are already preparing the next day's lunch concert. "Fazil Say'la life for a weekend of" Enjoy this time, Mozart, Haydn'la, Erkin'le, Say "divorce" to katmerleştirmek's string quartet.

Rushdie, Khayyam and Say

Way to Istanbul, on the plane, I think the last book of Salman Rushdie. "The Satanic Verses," Khomeini's novel about because of the "death fatwa" told by his experiences over the years, "Joseph Anton"'s book. "Joseph Anton", Rushdie was forced to live in stealth alias used in those years. Two favorite author, Joseph Conrad and consists of the names of Anton Chekhov.

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Republican Bible falls to mind. "How a land," I say to myself. "Say Khayyam tried a few in our country because of the string. World applauds its territory judging! Rushdie 'Joseph Anton published and read that Turkey Antons not Joseph. Say, ten years later, for example, was inspired by Cemal Resit Rey and the names of Saygun 'Jamal Saygun' would not have to write a book ... " cumhuriyet

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