Istanbul, toy museums, the "capital" is

Representative of the child and toy museum in Europe with 28 of 14 academics, Istanbul Toy Museum in Istanbul, gathered under the leadership of the founder of the literary Sunay Akin.

One of the first nature museum officials who attended the meeting, ToYcon will be central Istanbul under the name of the European Union to establish Kids and Toy Museum.
Sunay Akin made ​​a statement about the meeting, "All children and toy museums in Europe, the organization of this meeting stories, what types of activities they do, their knowledge of children in our country teachers, faculty of education will be telling people to care about the students and their children," he said.

ToYcon kitaplaştırılacağını meeting in Turkish and English that Ali, said the book will be sent to museums all over the world.

"Europe can not believe it"

Istanbul Toy Museum, founded since 2005, participated in the meetings of the European Museum Academies and the European Association of Museums, the work of his own museum in Europe that told Ali, "I'm happy that at the end of seven years in Europe, recently established one after the other children and toy museums in Istanbul today, we are establishing unity, "he said. hürriyet

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