Geo Special, Istanbul in Istanbul on page 146 introduces the latest edition of specially prepared

The cover of the magazine publishes photo of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia wrote that a world city.

Berlin, Vienna and Zurich and Istanbul in comparison with some statistics of the magazine, Istanbul;'s throwing a big difference in this urban population, and some other issues, he said.

Special issue magazine, is currently busy as a museum, visitors flocked to the church is 1500 years before the Hagia Sophia by Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453 and since converted into a mosque wrote.

Two continents, Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world as the city defines the magazine, next to the historic sites of Istanbul, the current life has included photos and interviews.

Istanbul, "the water side of the world," the city is highlighted in the article adds to the beauty of the Bosphorus in Istanbul were recorded separately.

The magazine futures Istanbul, Üsküdar, girl, tower, watch the sun set right, listen to the call to prayer, hookah, drink, go to the baths, and was advised to make full ride. cumhuriyet

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