Turkey orange, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit production has increased by 45 percent

Turkey, which was 30 kilograms per person per year consumption of citrus fruits, the consumption of citrus production constituted about half of the orange. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry supports the one hand, the producers on the one hand to improve the efficiency of applications provided a significant increase in the production of citrus fruits. 

2 million 500 thousand tons of citrus in Turkey produced 10 years ago, it produced 3.5 million tons per year, 115 thousand hectares.
In the second place after the production of fresh fruit and grapes, citrus fruits, 39 per cent of exports / production ratio in fresh fruit and vegetables, taking first place for many years. Turkey's share in world trade in these products remained around 8 per cent, 48 per cent of total citrus production is orange. Although the product is produced in recent years, standing at least grapefruit grapefruit plantations in the production of the passage of a significant increase in production was achieved. Grapefruit production of 47 thousand 500 in 2002, 218 thousand tons in 2011, appeared.

Rose to 2 million 600 thousand seedlings

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of certified citrus nursery support for the last 7 years under the manufacturer did not pay 7 million 600 thousand pounds. Thus, the number of trees used in the production of 2 million 600 thousand rose. Citrus consumption in kilograms per person per year is taking place in Turkey 30. First place, while the consumption of citrus oranges, followed by the tangerine, lemon and grapefruit are watching. cumhuriyet

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