Istanbul, this year, 10 months 8 million 108 thousand people visited the

According to the information compiled from the data of Culture and Tourism Directorate of Istanbul, the city of 451 thousand 662 in January, 124 in February, 494 thousand, 659 thousand 826 in March, 788 in April, 818 thousand, 867 thousand in May, 511, 508 and 939 thousand in June, July, 966 337 thousand, 950 thousand in August, 62 in September, 940 thousand 156 in October, a total of 8 million 913 thousand 134 thousand 108 people visited the people. 1 in every 4 stranger who came to Turkey at the end of September in Istanbul was chosen.

Who came to the city from the port of Karakoy 258'ini 449 thousand daily visitors, creating the sum of the months of January-October this year compared to last year, arrivals by air increased by 7 million 492 thousand 717'e 17'lük percent, reaching 1.2 percent in arrivals by sea decreased by 391 508 thousand, respectively.

Most came to the Germans

Looking at the countries who came to the city during the 10 months of this year, the Germans took the first place with 11.6 percent.

5.6 per cent of the Germans and the Russians, Americans, 5.3 percent, 4.7 percent, and the British, French and Italians with 4.6 per cent, 4.4 per cent with the Iranians, with 2.8 percent of the Dutch, with 2.3 per cent Iraqis, Libyans by 2.2 percent, 2.1 percent and Hispanics, with 2.1 percent of Azeris, Ukrainians and Japanese by 2 per cent, with 1.9 per cent followed by Saudi Arabians.

The same period, Constantinople, Syria, 51 thousand 770, Myanmar 324, while visiting Burma'dan 3 people, Cote d'Ivoire, the Faroe Islands, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Cook Islands, Antarctica and toured a person.

54 percent increase in the number of Arab visitors

According to the same period last year, this year in Spain, Turkmenistan, and between 1 and 3 per cent reduction in the number of visitors from Greece, while the number of tourists from other countries, there was an increase between 10 and 30 percent.

From Arab countries, the number of foreigners increased by 54 percent last year, a total of 10-month period, 544.4 percent percent percent took the lead Libyans.

During the same period, the number of foreigners who came to Istanbul to 14.6 per cent consisted of visitors from Arab countries constituted. City of 1 million 166 thousand 319 people from Arab countries, 116'ini 182 thousand Iraqis, Libyans 797'sini 173 thousand and 155 thousand 807'sini Saudi Arabians created.

Bed capacity of 120 thousand was

Istanbul, including all groups and branches agency has a total of 2 thousand 413 units.
In the city, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Management Certificate'''' total 411 accommodation facilities, 64 thousand 673 on the European side, on the Anatolian side with a total of 7 thousand 737 offers with a bed capacity of 72 thousand 410. This number is added to the capacity of 120 thousand beds in accommodation facilities certified by the municipality goes.

In addition, the ongoing construction of the ministry, taking the investment certificate of accommodation facilities with a capacity of 842 beds, has a total of 35 thousand.

In the city, with a capacity of 90 thousand 538 pieces of 416 while serving food and beverage and entertainment facilities, with a capacity of 2 thousand 833 people in the food and beverage and entertainment facilities are under construction. cumhuriyet

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