Thin Lizzy important representatives of hard rock and heavy metal music, is coming to Istanbul

Hard rock and heavy metal music, which is one of the most important representatives of the Irish band Thin Lizzy, on 11 November Küçükçiftlik Park meet with the fans.

Whiskey in the Jar form of interpretation have'' i'','' Jailbreak'','' The Boys Are Back in Town'' and'' Bad Reputation'' has a huge fan base all over the world, such as the group of components, dual guitar harmony is considered one of the first to use the hard rock bands.

Thin Lizzy live performing many memorable 43-year career, the music channel's Top 100 Artist of Hard Rock'' list'' VH1'nın 51 Showing Ranked.

Van Morrison, Little Feat and Bob Seger inspired by such names as the band, music lovers will meet Küçükçiftlik Park on Sunday, November 11 in the statement,'' Music Lovers, Phil Lynott'ın their respect for heritage,'' the name of the next album,'' Thin Lizzy bring to the legend explaining the group will have a chance to see, perhaps for the last time'' the report said. cumhuriyet

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