dump the film draws attention to the environmental disaster in heaven Fatih Akin

19th Golden Boll Film Festival, Fatih Akin's' Heaven Landfill called "documentary film premiere held Turkey.

Fatih Akin will also attend the premiere on September 17. In an interview 'the Turkish film, "which he described as' heaven Landfill', Akin's father's hometown of Trabzon district Çamburnu draws attention to the environmental disaster.

In 2006, 'The Edge of Heaven' at the last scenes of the film came to take Çamburnu'nda of the local people, was founded in the middle of a giant garbage treatment plant for removal of the fields in which they are affected, and in the face of efforts to document the struggle of the peasants decided that the director intends you to handle the subject the attention of world public opinion . The film at this year's Cannes Film Festival took place in a private showing.hürriyet

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