District of Didim Apollon Temple began the restoration work

106 years of the Temple of the German Archaeological Institute conducted excavations, storage of materials obtained from the excavation of this year and was canceled in order to be restored.

Australia Bond University Professor Dr. The field work of master stone masons led by Ulf Christoph Weber Kronewirth, storage, runs the Bumke Helga.

Restoration of the Temple of Apollo Bumke Officer Helga the German Archaeological Institute, told reporters, received a mandate from the excavations of Apollo since 1994, thousands of pieces from the excavations of the Temple of Apollo and the Sacred Way, he said.

The temple, 6, 12 people received a mandate from storage, indicating Bumke, came to town in September, two more studies would support the delegation said.

The parts of the temple of German stonemason Kronewirth Cristoph taken under the protection of renovation work has been done.cumhuriyet

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