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Nature Association, said in a statement on the subject, on rivers, dams and hydroelectric power plants at the beginning of the threats and stressed that "almost all of Anatolia, streams, rivers, power generation companies were transferred to the grounds. 

A traditional eco-friendly life in the valley continues for hundreds of years along with the future of the local population 80 percent of Turkey's biological diversity, water pipes and tunnels also in danger of being destroyed due to imprisonment, "the statement said.
Water gratitude hugged

Turkey Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River, which is the last major natural rivers in the establishment of the Upper Tigris Valley and 10 do not have a thousand-year history will be irreversibly Hasankeyf Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage criteria specified in tenths of a statement accounting for 9 is the only place on earth that was highlighted.

Nature Association, the description of the relevant General Manager Engin Yılmaz, "The planned dam and HEPP project, if it occurs two thousand in a single river in Turkey will be left free flowing, dry lakes, seas will not be living. But we recall bonds with water, water, and to integrate resources we want to protect life. Hasankeyf for the sake of earning a handful of rivers, as in 'renewable energy' under the name of the destruction of dams and power plants, on one side of the water in silent gratitude kalmayanlar embracing the four rivers of Anatolia, how valuable and indispensable to our life together that reminded "he said.cumhuriyet

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