British family on holiday in Marmaris, a restaurant was in flames.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper in a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary with his two daughters, Tony Barr (42) - Kirsty Barr (35) pair, ordered salted fish. Waitress, salted fish brought to the table when the show plate 'Flambe' wanted to remove the method.

Bottle containing flammable liquid exploded in the hands of this order, however.

Eli burning waitress, she hurried to the top of the alcohol and the family took the flame. 5-year-old Jessica (15), his brother Rosie'yi (2) recovering, albeit difficult, the flames remained in a pair of Tony-Kirsty Barr.

Kirsty Barr, "was like a bad dream," he said, "'So the man is stupid enough to think of it I'm not angry at the person who makes it. I'm sure feels very bad, "he said.

Double, "The fire was in your face," said restaurant is preparing to sue the authorities.cumhuriyet

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