The tradition of burying the sun die Göbeklitepe

Which houses the world's oldest temple, the ruins of the excavations made Göbeklitepe, there are 12 thousand years before the tradition of the tomb, eaten by birds of prey corpses left exposed so that the spirit of the deceased was believed to had would appeared in the sky.

Harran University Faculty of Arts Department of Art History Lecturer and Assistant Vice President Gobeklitepe Excavations. Assoc. Dr. Jihad And God bless the AA correspondent, said the region's excavations began in 1995, the temple was the center of the Neolithic era, he said.

Archaeological excavations made ​​in two periods per year Göbeklitepe closely involves the science that emphasizes God bless the 17 years since the German Archaeological Institute, who led the excavation Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmidt, this year's application stated that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to work.

Göbeklitepe, studies so far had discovered the interesting findings that transfers Asst. Assoc. Dr. God bless, said:

"According to the results of excavations conducted to date the tradition of burying the dead, more precisely, we understand that a tomb tradition Göbeklitepe. For example, birds of prey such as vultures, the reliefs on the stones, and here we see people eating did not have to understand that the tradition of burial Göbeklitepe. That Çatalhöyük as the sun has a tradition as the Neolithic era burial. the dead are left to the open air, birds of prey come and ate them. Maybe he had a belief, these birds has progressed up to the sky, the souls of the dead was believed to rise in the sky. it's an interesting thing of course. this method of Tibet 'until recently practiced in some regions. "habertürk

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