Madonna To sing to more than 50 thousand people in Istanbul, with a stage show impressed irrelevant.

Turkey is not only the various points of Istanbul, as well as thousands of people from abroad flowed Turk Telekom Arena the night before.

Madonna left the stage for two hours Ajda pekkan, Bob Marley-Beren Saat, Azra Akin-Kivanc Tatlitug, Mirgün Cabas-Tuba Unsal, and Emre Altug Çağla şıkel, Eda Taspinar, Yasar, Eddie Butler, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Gülben ergen and more followed by many celebrities, including the name.

One fan, like Madonna concert is part of the right breast, which was displayed.

Meet the authors of musical celebrities have in common, was that it was a concert on a stage show is very impressive:

sibel tüzün: "Madonna is not like the style and stance, to anyone."

Demet Akalin: "Once again, we realized that Madonna'mız great man, not even human. Such a performance, stamina, skill does not exist. Do not think that a normal gene. "

Ajda pekkan: "I ​​watched a great show. There was an incredible production. Very impressive. As all the stardom Madonna mükemmelliyetçiliğini, showed his respect for its diligence and work. "

Gülben ergen: "A strong woman. Tall, professional, light is the eyes. Sertab Erener is a search 'overwhelming' said ... Towards a phrase, was crushed. "


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