Kim Kardashian Turkish magazine cover when the event which is now in evidence at the beaches to the Turkish brand Oye

When the event which the Turkish magazine cover beaches with Kim Kardashian Oye Turkish brand in evidence now. And as a result of an advertising agreement, not just for the likes ...

Last year, Kim Kardashian 'is the cover of Cosmopolitan Turkey had gone mad. Explained the reasons for the Armenian genocide allegations in April, a Turkish magazine cover not want to be remembered. Cover photo of American 'Cosmopolitan' for the withdrawal, said he did not know, and even that will be published in Turkey, shared his disappointment with the fans.

Oye It branded the beach Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures YILSAN journalists arrested. Kim Kardashian is not the only, her sister Kourtney, the IMT also on holiday 'Hard Eight' model bikinisinin chose to wear a different color. Topics fashion, beauty, sex appeal here stands when it comes flowing waters. Kardashianlar not want to be a Turkish magazine cover, but is wearing a Turkish brand welcomed.


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