Tourists flock to beaches and water parks in Marmaris, the hot air was being overwhelmed.

With the arrival of June, temperatures of the desert begins to show itself in Marmaris, the hot air being overwhelmed by the tourists flocked to beaches and water parks.

Marmaris, characterized above seasonal averages for temperature and holiday tourists from citizens living in the troubled district. Tourists and citizens flocked to cool down the beach and pools. Taşarken Beaches filled with many local and foreign tourists who want to avoid an effect of the hot air rushed cold drinks and ice cream. Marmaris is emptying the streets with extreme sıcaklarla pools, water parks and beaches has become a place frequented by tourists who want to cool off. Meteorological officials in the region show an increase in air temperature and humidity in the coming days specifying the experts at the rate of body water lost due to a warm, reminding suggested that drinking plenty of liquid. Experts, children and the elderly, blood pressure, heart disease, such as those with diabetes suggests to stay on the street at 11:00 to 17:00. Forced unless expressly prevent healthy people out of the cotton and light-colored clothing is preferred, the experts who advised the installation of a hat, use an umbrella, certainly should be taken with extreme heat of alcohol. Those tourists who holiday in Marmaris Marmaris entered the sea to cool off because of extreme heat, and said they were amazed.habertürk

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