ziyaret tepe the tablets of an unknown language found in Diyarbakır

Visit the archaeological excavations in the hill area in the province of Diyarbakir two years ago by a clay tablet of paper was found to be 2.500 years ago, based on a forgotten language.

ziyaret tepe clay tablets discovered during excavation work on the mound continued for two years.

The name of the Assyrian cuneiform tablet to 60 women have written.

Until now, the mystery of this unknown language and the writing on the tablet, which is one of the archaeologists in charge of excavations at Cambridge University, Dr. John Macginnis told the BBC Turkish.

Glaze notepad

Hill to visit the settlement dates back to the late Neolithic period, the period of Islam.

For a long time visiting the Peak village is dominated by settlements, the Middle and Late Assyrian periods (1300-600 BC) the Assyrian Empire, is a very important regional city.

Therefore contains important clues to the management of the empire.

Hill to visit many clay tablets during excavations as well as in historical linguistics, but no one in terms of both constitutes a very important place.

Tablet, removed from the bottom of the excavation of the palace located on the mound.bbc türkçe

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  1. The western scholars have classified the ancient Near East texts to falsely recognized language groups. The falsehood of that language groups has been proven through Bible Discovered, Bible = Babel (Babylon); see http://​hqberai.blogspot.com/2012/​05/​karkuk-was-not-nuzi-nor-nuz​a-arapha.html


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