The distinction of being the first and only hotel in Turkey to protect the island Kalem Island Oliviera Resort

The distinction of being the first and only hotel in Turkey to protect the island Kalem Island Oliviera Resort , which is an integral part of the turquoise sea, warm sun, the starry sky at night, illuminating the island, colorful flowers and vegetation that adds to the Aegean difference continues to share with guests this year.

As of May 12, 2012 which will host the guests, serving together on the island of peace and pleasure, a little different alternatives available to callers in the activity. Accompanied by pleasant music, whether you like Beach Club 3 different platform in the sand, while swimming is also possible to canoe rides around the island.

13 miles from the island of Lesbos!

Simplicity, naturalness and comfort of the hotel's target of this approach is felt in every sense. Pleasant, away from the crowds could find something for those who want to spend a romantic and relaxing vacation Pen Island , close to the historical and tourist spots for those who change some of the 13-mile distance and the island of Lesbos offers its guests with different alternatives. Young, professional and friendly team, all kinds of guests ready to respond to the request. Particular emphasis on the cuisine of the different tastes of hotel guests and brings Otel offers service in the morning and evening, morning and evening menus specially prepared outdoor terraces with superb views towards the island of Lesbos comes in different flavors. Renewed and expanded Beach Club, a very different menu. the island has a wealth of different experiences you can obtain the spectacular underwater scuba diving center, diving has not ever private lessons by trainers offers guests diving and snorkeling adventure. travels this summer, Beach Club, guests enjoy a special order to add BBQ, organized beach activities such as fever.
Suite rooms, comfortable holiday

Konaklatan guests rooms with four different concepts Oliviera Resort , 29 rooms with garden and sea views. Penthouse located in the upper floor bedrooms have terraces with great views. Single-storey rooms, giving the pretty balkoncuklar lush garden looking at sea to enjoy. Gives an identity to a different island, built of stone by hand is a different atmosphere for Accommodation in Şato'daki suites.
This two bedroom suites, three of them, while two of their own private entrance in the tower is located. VIP suites and enjoy the large recreation room and a private patio with impressive views of the Chateau for a large private room. Under the palm trees and rooms are located in the Chateau and a charming interior courtyard watching. candidate for a specific organization for people who want to fully self-assigned hotel's different packages are also available with custom applications, but the island, especially a unique alternative to wedding and honeymoon. Izmir 'Standing in the hotel off of the town of Almond village 13 miles from the island of Lesbos. Ayvalik is just 30 minutes away. A large car park on land available in the hotel dock. Welcomes you to the boat to cross to the island. After just three minutes. Airport transfers are also available for those who prefer. Edremit 1.5 hour drive from the airport one hour from Izmir Airport to the island.habertürk

Pen Island Village Almond
Standing Izmir 35 983 Tel: 80 23 0232677 Fax: 0232677 80 25 web: e-mail:

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