Sagalassos, loves, passions and favorite city of the emperors.

Ağlasun District of Burdur and may be many reasons why you can see the ancient city of Sagalassos.

Meets you in a lush valley at the entrance of Ağlasun. Sagalassos, this plain in front of the cherry, walnut, organic vegetables and fruits, especially trout Mallard resort facilities, friendly and hospitable people admire Ağlasun. The trees are visible in one of the houses facing domestic tourism plateau tourism spend summers in places under the weight of domestic tourists was from Antalya.

Sagalassos, loves, passions and favorite city of the emperors. The foothills of the Taurus will want to see the city again and again. Residences in the city between the clouds at the entrance, bath below, down the Agora (marketplace), ceramic production center welcomes you. It progresses upward on the right side of theater, agora council building up the church in the center of the city of neon library Heroon in the upper left hand side you are watching. Buluverirsiniz yourself a time during the Roman period. Intensive heated political conversations in a crowded agora up cult city of Sagalassos, a powerful Roman emperors the senate orders, as set out below you will hear the sounds Macellumdan boutiques marketplace. Drinking water from the fountain of Antonine lost lovers and each other's eyes to bring you a nice feeling.
The ancient city of Sagalassos in Burdur province, Ağlasun district, southwest of the Taurus Mountains, south-facing slopes between 1490-1600 meters in the city's most important features of the novel has to be one of the five most important ceramic production centers. City, the best novel of the fifth emperor of the Emperor Hadrian (2nd century AD.) Lived during the best period of economic, political and social sense. Embodiment of the method in terms of urban planning and redevelopment of the city with 1000 years of ceramic production center around the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2009 have put feature.

Since starting in 1989 and Professor in 1990. Dr. Led by Marc Waelkens, excavations uncovered many buildings and works. Yılarındaki 2007 and 2008 may be uncovered during excavations, and the estimated length of 5 meters statues belonging to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Emperor Hadrian, which is enough to bewitch people. Burdur Archaeology Museum presented the attention of tourists. Sagalassos was abandoned today in Asia Minor, perhaps the best-preserved ancient sites without damage to the present day one.
The known history of the ancient city of Sagalassos in written sources, Alexander the Great in BC Begins with the conquest in 333. Following the death of Alexander the Great, the city remains in a short period of administration of his predecessors. BC At 281, under the control enters the Seleucids. BC Between 188-133 Attaloslar'ın becomes part of Pergamum. BC Is included for the various Roman provinces from 129'dan Sagalassos, and finally the Galatia province of Rome, 39 BC, is the most important city. A.D. 5th-7th century 'At, with successive earthquakes and Arab invasions of the region, especially in parallel with the loss of population into the process of abandonment of Sagalassos.

Sagalassostan, you can see again, and what you see in the city with friends to share the driving reason for referring to realize that many will leave the foil.habertürk

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