Yalova Thermal spas in the district of choice for tourists, holiday

The choice of holiday tourists from Middle Eastern countries, especially the district of Yalova Thermal spas throughout the summer season is aimed at hosting of 100 thousand tourists.

Middle Eastern countries

Mayor Thermal Atik Ismail, AA correspondent, said in the summer of 2012, said they expect an explosion in the number of tourists coming to town.

Both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals have increased every year, recording observations on a large increase this year Atik, "This year a total of 100 thousand tourists from domestic and foreign tourists this summer with the county are welcome. This, 40 per cent compared to last year corresponding to an increase, "he said.

Atik, International Top Artist of tourists coming to town attracts visitors from Middle Eastern countries also expressed her head, said:

"This year we expect to have the county heavily Arab tourists. May's first week of the numerous companies in the Middle East will attend the exhibition in our district. Here is a good place to advertise our county. Such events lead to a significant increase in the number of tourists coming to the county which is promotions. Past county had more than 30 thousand years of Arab tourists. This year, 50 thousand finds this number. "

Expect an increase in the number of beds in the district that connects qualified tourist boom Waste, said:

"The primary cause of the explosion of tourism in the district to increase the number of facilities. This year, new facilities were opened. Have a capacity of nine thousand beds. Our District, thanks to the major companies was a significant increase in issue qualified bed. Other facilities also have made it better themselves by seeing them. Good işletmecilerimiz who is getting a better income for the facility are progressing on this path. We also would like the county was it. began to spin the wheel and began to become better. "

"The goal of Russian tourists to take the town"

Other waste, the objectives of the Russian tourists to take the town and said,'' The majority of tourists to our town to Arab tourists. The Russians are following them. Our goal is to ensure that county, especially the Russian tourists. This winter season, we can say we had a significant increase in the number of Russian tourists. Russians are aiming to promote tourism in the spa,'' he said.

Istanbul, the Russians would prefer to trade more records Termal Atik, "Russian operators are trying to just over the Mediterranean. Spas are not working. Have one or two work. You were able to provide other Russian tourists coming to the spa," he said.

Elegance Resort renewed

One of the most popular facilities in Yalova Elegance Resort Hotel 4-star resort, pool and aquaparkını renews. Rooms 35 square meters facility which offers a comfortable stay on the domestic and foreign tourists.habertürk

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