Russian tourists, beaches ran. Russian girls sunbathing during the day, drew attention to the beauty

Kemer district of Antalya in May International Workers' Day and Spring Festival of '1 'and' May 9 Victory Day "holiday from the Russian tourists take the opportunity, rushed to beaches. Russian girls sunbathing during the day, drew attention to the beauty.

International Workers' Day and Spring Festival in May '1 'and' May 9 Victory Day "holiday occasion, thus beginning the Russian tourists filled hotels in Kemer. All the facilities in the district until May 14 was held by Russian tourists. 15-day holiday for the Russian tourist facilities in the district has prepared a variety of events and nightclubs. Other events will give concerts in Russia's famous DJ's and singers.
While preparations for the plants, the Russians coming to town, took the breath at the beach. Russian girls who flock to the shores of Kemer, also take the opportunity to be heated by the air güneşlendi. Tourists entering the refreshing waters of the sea from time to time, drew attention to the beauty. Did not shower for a long time under the sweltering some tourists.

filled with hotels

Sinasi Gürocak Majesty Mirage Park Resort Hotel General Manager, at the end of April, it has begun to accept clients in May, the hotel's fully charged the Russians with a double feast, he said. Gürocak record occupancy figures in 2011 caught this year, "this season, last season I believe aratmayacağı. The weather is very hot in our region due to the Russians prefer to spend their holidays. Kemer festival of Russian fertility is experiencing," he said.
Ülkay Majesty Kemer Beach Hotel General Manager of the Russian festival of a hawk, and all rooms are full of bloom so early in the season, he said.habertürk

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