James Bond 007 Daniel Craig toured the island with his wife, Rachel Weisz

"007 James Bond" series, the new film, "Skyfall for" Daniel Craig, who came to Istanbul, where not only business, is at the resort.

British actor appeared the previous day tour of the island along with the player's wife Rachel Weisz'le. Protection is also accompanied by two double Büyükada and Burgazada browsing.

They chose the fish counter,

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz uses sea taxi tour of the island, made ​​fun of fish Burgazada. Coastal Fish Restaurant in Burgazada to binary, as they want the fish counter, pişirtti choice. Speaking after the meal faytoncularla Craig and Weisz, bazaar and market wandered hand in hand with the phaeton to give up riding.hürriyet

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