Turkish baths features and promotional videos

Here in the Turks and the Ottoman Empire after the conquest of Istanbul, Turkish bath made over the thousands. In the seventeenth century, only the 168 largest bazaar in Istanbul had a bath.

Turkish baths are divided into three main sections:

Locker rooms
Bathing areas:
Hammam (temperature);
Heating location (furnace)

Locker rooms

Has a large sofa and benches around the bay. Washed people, these terraces lie to rest.

Is entered in the bath section passing coldness. This is also divided into several sections: one by one, everyone bathed in the so-called per Basin, chiefly called off and washing the cells alone. One is located in the heart of stone stretched out on the sweat pouring. Here, marble baths, and various geometric shapes can be made from the floor of a higher place.
Heating room - furnace

Under the bath, where you lit the fire. Flame and smoke from the fire, private roads under the marble floor, wall passes through them, from the chimney, called tüteklik.

On the hot water boiler furnace hearth, he or she is on the cold water tank. Several channels at the bottom of the stove, bath, bathing in the middle of the place extends to below the navel stone. Effective in January, wood burning flame and smoke, it goes to the bottom of canals in the navel stone. Hell here is very hot in the dark at the bottom of this stone.

Bazaar baths, women on certain days of the week, other days are open to men. Adjacent to each other are those who double bath two baths, one for women, and the other is reserved for men. The baths are open.

All the baths of Istanbul was recognized. Bayezit for the occurrence of the former, Cemberlitas, Hoxha Pasha, Hazelnut baths, bath etc Mehmedağa Fatih. there. There were also baths destroyed over time to withstand damage. Especially since none of the famous mansion baths left today. Only palace baths (Topkapi and Dolmabahce), as architectural monuments from different periods, embellish Istanbul today. Other than these, of course, the hot and sulphurous waters of the famous spa baths in Bursa, Turkey, dotting every part of Gonen's thermal baths and spa baths are also normal.

Another aspect of Turkish baths, steam bath, Finnish bath on the basis of their utter. Today the world of sport, perspire quickly utilized in these baths to lose weight. In this regard, all athletes can benefit from the Turkish baths.

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