'Cave Tourism Project' under the 50 so far in the cave, the visitor can enter in any organized way was opened for tourism

50 so far identified 20 thousand cave opened to tourism in Turkey, Antalya 7 mağarayla tops the list.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 'Cave Tourism Project to date under the 50 caves, the visitor can enter in any organized way was opened for tourism.

altınbeşik cave
Gezebilirken everyone of these caves have 31 and 12 visitors a guided-equipped, professionally-equipped visitors can go to 7 only. Antalya, Turkey opened to tourism in the cave has a maximum. Antalya is very rich in terms of the formation of the cave until today; detected only 7 of 500 of the cave was opened to tourism. Of these, Cleopatra, Dim, Karain, lie the world and all kinds of cave visitors Zeytintasi girebilirken, special equipment Yerköprü Cave, Cave Altınbeşik only can you get a professional cavers. Other caves open to tourism in the Mediterranean Sea Cave Dungeon in Isparta, Burdur İnsuyu cave is located.

The first cave

Stalactite cave at the sea coast Alanya, known as the first cave of Turkey opened to tourism. To be used in the construction of the ferry wharf in 1948 as a result of ignition of dynamite in the cave in a quarry opening, thousands of stalactites and dikitle attention. 30 meters long and covers an area of ​​200 square meters, the cave of stalactites and stalagmites BC 20-15 thousand are believed to occur between the years. Characteristic of asthma in the cave from a good four was identified, Alanya primarily for the treatment of patients reporting a doctor as to whether any objection by the entry into the cave, the cave must apply the relevant officer. The cave is visited by an average of 250 thousand domestic and foreign tourists.
dim cave


Dim Cave Town of Alanya Kestel run, on October 24, 2002 were accepted as a member of International Association of caves open to tourism. Operated by private enterprise in the first cave opened to tourism in Turkey Dim cave is 410 meters in total length. 360-meter section of the cave is horizontal and semi-dry class is open to visitors. The cave is inside the stalactites, stalagmites, columns and walls have a structure very rich formations.
karain cave

HUMAN lived, the largest cave

Karain Cave which is one of the greatest natural caves of Turkey, Antalya-Burdur Highway, is the 13th kilometer. An average of 10 thousand people a year visited the cave, the excavations since 1946, today the region is used 50 thousand years ago as the center of the settlement was concluded. Karain Cave, which is the largest cave in the people who lived in Turkey, Palaeolithic, with traces of settlement in the late Roman period, Anatolian archaeological work fills an important gap.
damlataş cave

Altinbesik Cave

Which is the most beautiful caves of Turkey Altınbeşik Cave, 3rd world, Turkey has the largest known underground lake. Length, searchable portion and the arms 200 with the two thousand meters, 125 meters long and 15 meters deep at the entrance of the cave is a lake. At the end of the lake is 44 meters high, covering the entire hall is located near vertically diklikte travertine. The cave, winter and spring, but because it is a very large water discharge is the appropriate entry in the summer and autumn months.
Gazipasa district located within the village and 450 meters long, connected Lie Beyrebucak World Cave in the Ottoman period 'Sirkat Hole' is known. 3-4 kilometers long and estimated to be underway for the cave to tourism.
Serik district, in the three halls Zeytintasi Hill during the operation of the stove, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites in the cave Zeytintasi are underway for them to tourism.
District of Antalya and Konya Hadim Yerköprü Cave near the border with the natural appearance is worth noting that the length of 500 meters.

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