The Russians, the Germans take first place in Turkish tourism tourists every year, very close to

Increasing interest in Turkey, the Russians, the Germans take first place in Turkish tourism tourists each year, mostly approaching. 

Turkey last year, while 3.5 million Russian tourists visit, among them 4.8 million, Germany is a large number of citizens of Germany visited the Turk's passport.
Although levels of 10-thousand dollars per capita national income in Moscow and St. Big cities such as St. Petersburg in Russia is highly above-average income levels, the number of those who holiday abroad is increasing every year. Holidays to Italy, Spain and the Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, the Russians prefer the European tourism provides an important mobility.


Turkey Tourism Investors Association (BLS) President Turgut Gur, high-quality facilities and professional service in the Turkish tourism is an important brand in world tourism, stating the number of tourists drop in the country last year, although many tourism to Turkey increased by 15 percent over the previous year 31, 5 million tourists, he said.

This year 33 million tourists visiting Turkey's tourism income will reach $ 25 billion anticipated by expressing Gur, said:

"All of the early reservation has expired. In Europe, despite the global crisis we etkilenmiyoruz it. In this case we effectively captures crisis affect the tourist countries and regions. Lebanon, tourists from countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan have increased revenues. Especially the Russians to Turkey every year is increasing interest in . last year 3.5 million Russians visited Turkey. They chose to Belek and Kemer intense. "habertürk

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