Yachts and tours of the sea began to be organized in Demre for download

Cooperative Maritime Carriers connected to Demre on land during the winter maintenance of yachts ended. Loaded onto carriers yachts, were delivered to the sea after sailing on the freeway for about a kilometer.

Yachts in the coloration of the sea port of downloads and mobilized in the district began Çayağzı. Organized a tour for tourists launched yachts. Part of the tour, especially Kekova'daki Sunken City, and the bays are visit the ancient city of Simena.

Demre Maritime Carriers Cooperative President Ahmet Cetin, who co-operatives registered daily trips said that there were 41 boats. Cetin was expressed in these days preparing for the summer season,'' 90 percent of the cooperative registered boats ready for service. Others will be ready within a week. Look forward to a good season. Region Kekova sunken city, the bays of Ucagiz daily, organize trips,'' he said about 3 hours.

Cetin, the region close to 1 million foreign and domestic tourists per year by explaining that,'' Our district cooperatives and other cooperative has a total of around 100 boats. Nearly half of the tourists from the region attending the yacht tours,'' he said.

Kekova, Demre for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan Gulnara Pugeçenko, said it was a combination of nature and the sea. Russian Golonova Svetlena huge impact on the Kekova itself, a separate beauty of each place, he said.cumhuriyet

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